Teach you to solve Wi-Fi coverage | Raises for each unit

The weekend night is going to be high! Playing games with three or five friends is a good way to release life pressure. But during the game, often the card is causing the party to lose again and again.

The WiFi signal is not really good! The WiFi signal is not good, it is a problem that plagues many friends. And this problem is common, from the villa mansion to the compact dwelling, you can experience the bad WiFi signal. The bad online experience. Today we are from different types of homes, to bring you the most suitable WiFi deployment strategy.

WiFi is not good, people can land in a box

Small apartment scenario WiFi deployment strategy

My home is not large. Why is the WiFi signal still not good? I believe many of my friends are suffering from this problem. The small apartment will cause the WiFi signal not due to the location of the wireless router, the room layout, the wireless router, etc. Good. Especially for the environment where there are more walls in the room type, it will have no small impact on the WiFi signal. In addition, because the wireless router itself is relatively backward, it is easy to have a bad WiFi experience. WiFi problem, what should I do?

It is recommended to be placed in the middle of the room.

First of all, we have to start from the location of the wireless router. Some friends put the wireless router in the weak box at the entrance. The shielding function of the weak box, plus the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, etc., is far away or separated by walls. This can lead to poor WiFi experience. Putting the wireless router in the center of the room is undoubtedly the best choice. Since most home wireless routers have an antenna gain of 5dBi, put the wireless router in the center of the room. Point, you can let users experience the best wireless network in each room.

A dual Gigabit wireless router can meet the needs of small units

Then, we need to choose a suitable wireless router. 11ac, Gigabit wifi, Gigabit Ethernet port, are the points to pay attention to when purchasing, don't buy an old antique back. Gigabit network port not only guarantees the future upgrade of 100M The above broadband can reach full speed, and the intranet wired connection speed can be greatly improved. It is recommended that small-sized users choose an e-commerce hot-selling wireless router. If it is a large-sized apartment or a villa user, it is difficult to use a wireless router. Cover the WiFi signal to all rooms.

Large-scale flat-level scene WiFi deployment strategy

For a friend living in a large flat and a flat floor, a wireless router obviously cannot cover all the rooms. If most of our homes have good WiFi signals and only a small amount of space WiFi signals are poor, then we can choose Use wireless repeaters to solve the problem. Wireless repeaters are generally deployed at the edge of the wireless router signal coverage, receiving the original routing signal and then scaling out.

Wireless relay principle

However, wireless repeaters also have a disadvantage. While the signal strength is increased, the wireless network after the relay will have a certain rate of decline, generally reducing the wireless transmission rate by half, which will make the WiFi experience less favorable. There is a price to pay for the complete coverage of the original wireless network. In addition, when multiple devices are required for relaying, the wireless repeater can only bridge the previous wireless repeater. Relay the main route, so that the wireless rate will be halved.

Want to solve the problem of large-sized apartment coverage perfectly, wireless mesh network is the hottest choice at present. For example, AMPNT's AMPLIFI HD, Google's Google WiFi, NETGEAR Orbi, etc. are all tools to enhance WiFi signal coverage and Internet experience. Different from the traditional relay technology, the wireless mesh network allows the expander to freely connect with the main route, and the extended network does not halve the rate. The whole network is like a hive, simple to use and the WiFi signal is no longer Don't worry.

Set to solve coverage problems

The use of the Mesh network is also very simple. The user can easily extend the home WiFi coverage by powering on the access point within the signal range of the main route. The user will automatically connect to the main router without using manual configuration during use. For wireless network expansion. The main thing is that this wireless network expansion method looks like a wireless relay, but it will never make the network rate halved!

Duplex and villa scene WiFi deployment strategy

Duplex and villa scenes, it is recommended to start from the renovation. In the renovation stage of hydropower renovation, network cabling is very important. The general practice is to set up a weak box at the entrance of the home network, and then pull out the network cable from the weak box to each room, Leave a network port for each room.

In this way, whether it is a computer plug-in wired Internet access, or an external wireless router to access the Internet is very convenient. In the weak box, deploy routers, PoE switches, and then deploy panel APs in the network cable of each room. Which routers and switches, It is best to choose a Gigabit port product, which can support more than 100 Mbps broadband, and the intranet transmission can be faster.

Wireless mesh network solves the problem of villa coverage

So what do you not decorate? We can choose wireless mesh network to solve the problem of WiFi coverage in the living room. Wireless mesh network, generally adopts two or three 'router' package forms, between each router Communicate to form a network that is connected to each other like a 'bee hive'. Users can easily extend the home WiFi coverage by powering on the access point within the signal range of the main route, without the need for manual configuration, and enjoy high-speed wireless. The convenience of the network.

Router + power cat products to solve the problem of WiFi coverage

In addition to the above two methods, you can also use the power cat to solve the problem. The power cat works very simple, it will turn the wires in the home into a network cable, as long as the power system cat is deployed in the circuit system under the same meter. Extended network. For example, Huawei Routing Q2 supports the latest G.hn Gigabit power line communication technology. As long as it is under the same meter system, it can expand WiFi at will. The maximum network transmission rate can reach 1Gbps, and the high-speed backbone network transmission can meet 100M optical fiber. Lossless expansion of broadband.


Everyone has different WiFi usage environments. I hope that the methods in the article can solve the problems of most users. To improve the WiFi experience, you must start with your own environment and choose the solution that suits you best. Otherwise, you will be busy for a long time, WiFi. No improvement at all, not only a lot of energy, but also let the money drift.