Ariston Gi9 balanced gas water heater safety zero leakage

With the upgrading of China's consumption structure, consumer demand has gradually tended to be quality consumption and individual consumption, and there has been more personalized demand for home improvement, and open kitchens have become more and more popular as a home improvement trend. Pursue, become the new favorite of home. In the open kitchen installation of gas water heaters, some people will worry about the kitchen air pollution caused by insufficient combustion, gas leakage and even the safety hazard of lack of oxygen. Especially high-rise residents, windy weather, waste gas recharge is everyone More worried security issues. Ariston, which regards the 100-year safety ties as its mission, the new Gi9 balanced gas water heater with many safety technologies is the preferred partner of the modern urban living open kitchen.

Balanced machine fully enclosed operation Safe zero leakage, 'isolated' from indoor

The open kitchen is the most suitable and the safest choice is the balanced gas water heater, because the biggest feature of Ariston balanced water heater is its fully enclosed structure design. Ariston Gi9 balanced gas water heater adopts double-layer exhaust pipe design The air enters the gas chamber from the outer ring pipe for combustion, and the generated exhaust gas is discharged to the outside through the inner ring pipe. The air required for the water heater to burn and the exhaust gas after combustion are taken from the outdoor and discharged to the outside through the pipeline, and the whole process is completely consumed. Indoor air will not cause smoke to pollute the indoor environment, and there will be no safety hazards such as gas leakage and lack of oxygen.

Balanced gas water heater working principle

Intelligent wind pressure compensation system Anti-class 9 strong wind, new level of safety level

For high-rise residents, another worry about installing gas water heaters in open kitchens is that in windy weather, the wind will blow the flames to the gas water heaters, causing flameout; in severe cases, the exhaust gas will be poured and the exhaust gas will not be smooth. Exhausted outdoors, causing backflow, the kitchen and even the entire living room will have odor, this smell is carbon monoxide, and carbon monoxide has a strong concealment, it is often difficult to detect in the first time, which will have great security risks.

On the issue of large wind pressure, Ariston balanced gas water heater Gi9 adopts intelligent wind pressure compensation system. Its unique intelligent constant current source technology can sense the external wind speed and automatically adjust the running state of the machine to prevent the airflow caused by high winds. Guarantee full combustion, ensure the safety of users at home. This technology is certified by KIWA GASTEC, the European authority gas safety agency. It can resist the 9th grade wind, and the safety quality is more secure. It embodies the hard power of Ariston to protect users' safety!

Ariston always puts safety first. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of users, it can satisfy the user's ultimate comfort and relieve the user's worries. Ariston Gi9 balanced gas burner will be safe and perfect for the quality of users. Life is escorted, becoming the first choice for installing gas water heaters in open kitchens.