Haier washing machine to create the world's three major passwords

The home appliance industry has stepped into the demand-oriented stock market. Every increase in brand share may mean eating from other companies. A similar game is no stranger to the washing machine market in recent years. Haier. According to the latest data from Zhongyikang, Haier's washing machine market share reached 35% in May 2018, surpassing the sum of two or three.

On June 20th, Haier Washing Machine held the 'Integration of Ecology to create WE to' new experience interaction activities in Chengdu. The industry leader's every move has touched the industry's nerves. 'The current overall situation of the industry is not good. 'There is a media question. Haier Ding Laiguo, deputy general manager of the care industry, is full of confidence: 'The market is not good or bad, it is the redistribution of users. ' Haier's current market share is 1.76 times that of the second place, it is the user's choice to help it gradually open and The distance of the competitor.

One of the key words of Haier's new washing machine experience this year is 'Creation'. The brand influence of 'World-class Haier Washing Machine' is step by step through 'creation'. Over the past 20 years, Haier washing machines have continued to create new trends in washing. Incremental market boundaries and large market cakes. In order to achieve higher market goals, Haier washing machines need to continue to open new markets for new users. Haier's new users are in the 'parallel world' that others have not found.

Creating trends: Users who meet the 'parallel world'

In the past two years, the downturn in the overall home appliance market has not plagued Haier washing machines, but has made it stronger. It has produced a different answer. In the global market, the latest data from Euromonitor shows that Haier washing machine has been connected to the world for 9 consecutive years. the first.

In the stalls of the old and new kinetic energy of the Chinese economy, the elephants can still dance lightly. This shows that the market is not good or bad, just because Haier has re-allocated existing users and created new users. The carrier-class enterprises like Haier not only have to In the stock market, it is necessary to create an increase. By grasping the trend of upgrading to become the leading force of social consumption, it has opened up a new blue sea. The air washing machine that detonated the consumer market in 2018 is one of the most successful examples.

Air washing opens the ultra-high-end washing machine market. In this regard, many colleagues are not only surprised by the innovative technology, but also do not think that there is such a consumer demand. From washing for the purpose of washing clothes, to quiet washing based on direct drive technology, In the high-level air wash that does not hurt clothing, in the three upgrades in the field of care, only Haier washing machines understand the needs of users in the 'parallel world', and continue to create new trends to guide and meet new care needs.

For Haier washing machines, leading the industry to improve product structure, promote technology upgrades within the category, and increase the proportion of high-end products, not only to increase sales, to build a scene ecology with rich and intelligent products, to help users complete a beautiful custom life is a greater vision .

Under the pull of Haier, it is an inevitable requirement for the washing machine enterprise to develop space in the high-end market. Direct drive frequency conversion, no-cleaning, double drum, air washing have become the shining label for Haier to create a global trend of care, and it has also helped it achieve high-end Absolute lead.

Innovation Iteration: Original Technology Drives Quality Life

Quickly iteratively driven by original technology, Haier washing machine is the invincible weapon in the global market. From dual power, no-clean, double roller, to the newly launched Yunmeng washing machine, Casa Di fiber see PLUS, commander Weizhen, Haier It is like the new product upgrade iteration like 'Down Dumplings', which reflects its scientific and technological innovation strength of zero-distance insight into user needs.

As the world's first Yunmeng washing machine equipped with dual direct drive technology, it has attracted much attention in the field. In view of the long washing time of the traditional drum washing machine and the low washing ratio, Yunmeng uses the mixed washing method of 'Beat + 揉搓'. Instead of the traditional washing method, the washing time is 55% shorter than the traditional drum, which is known as the 'world' fastest, and the washing ratio is greatly improved.

Haier washing machine's self-confidence, on the one hand, Haier's exploration in the field of washing machine technology is always one step ahead. For example, the previous 'quiet washing' technology, when the industry is still in the 'washing' homogenization research stage, Haier targets The washing machine runs the user's pain point, which is the first to achieve a breakthrough in the quiet and smooth operation of the washing machine. The direct drive inverter motor replaces the traditional belt motor, which greatly reduces the running noise and creates a quiet washing era for the global washing machine market. Haier direct drive washing machine has 10 million users worldwide.

On the other hand, Haier washing machine provides customers with unique care solutions by continuously upgrading differentiated products. For example, GL PLUS, the capacity is increased from 10 kg to 15 kg, and it is also implemented in interface, procedures, and clothing care. Quick response and iteration to user needs. Depending on the IoT recognition technology that understands the 'identity' of clothing, Fiber PLUS can provide exclusive care for every high-end clothing.

Behind Haier's washing machine, Haier integrates the world's resources, forming a globally-developed R&D center and innovation system. The front-end connects users' needs, and the back-end docks smart interconnection factory to realize the intelligent manufacturing of products. At present, Haier washing machine has 5 worldwide. Large R&D center, 23 manufacturing bases, also reached a strategic cooperation with Germany VDE to build a smart washing machine laboratory, and carry out all-round cooperation around smart washing such as laundry protective clothing and clothing management.

Ecological integration: the symbiosis of blood and body

At the scene of the Haier Chengdu event, a cool black house is eye-catching, showing the black technology products that Haier will be listed on. The two have a common name 'integration', which is in line with Haier's attitude towards the industry ecology. From here, we can see Haier washing machine thinking more deeply about the industry. The future commercial competition will be the competition of the ecological circle. The ecology here includes both the ecology of the industrial chain and the ecology of the cross-industry, and the competitiveness of the latter. It will become more and more powerful. The competitiveness in this state will mainly come from the advantages brought by industry integration and mutual mutual benefit.

Taking Haier's washing machine-led “Impian Ecology Alliance” as an example, Haier provides customers with customized, nursing and other fresh and intelligent differentiated services to optimize the user's care experience from upstream and downstream links. Alliance companies can obtain A large number of 'seed users' and upstream and downstream enterprise resources. The alliance from the user's pain point has spawned a complete lifecycle management solution for clothing, becoming the world's first brand to open the entire industry chain of clothing. The cloakroom is the latest user-oriented The fusion case, a large number of clothing manufacturers, integrated a variety of washing solutions, together to create a new way of life for users.

In Haier's washing machine, the concept of 'fusion' does not stop there. On the one hand, Haier, Casa Di, and the commanding multi-brands are precisely positioned by the market segment to meet the differentiated needs of users. On the other hand, open up R&D innovation, Resource platforms such as marketing and logistics distribution to maximize resource efficiency. For example, safety standards in the Americas, European balance technology, Japanese clean technology, Australia's direct drive motor technology and China's high-end clothing care technology, They are all supporting the leading innovation of Haier washing machine. 'Fusion' has been transmitted to the product and has generated great competitiveness. According to the research data of Zhongyikang Market, the top ten middle and high-end drum washing machine models that are currently selling well in the market, There are six from Haier.

Under the guidance of the 'personal single-in-one' mode, Haier washing machine insists on inspiring product innovation with user needs, interacting with users, and jointly achieving users in the ecosystem, upstream and downstream enterprises, and customers' win-win cooperation, effectively consolidating Haier washing machine. The brand status of 'World Washing Machine Trend creator'.