M fresh refrigerator explosion growth | Meiling won the single-effect blowout

In the early morning of July 4th, the World Cup quarter-finding battle came to a close. With only 11 days left, the world-famous competition was even more exciting, and the business owners who took the “World Cup Marketing Shuttle” started. Intensive planning for a new layout.

The reporter learned that as the main force of the 'World Cup Marketing', the performance of the home appliance industry can be described as very eye-catching. At the beginning of the World Cup, Meiling and other companies have launched the banner of 'winning the title and avoiding orders', causing world attention; July 3 After 11 hours in Belgium to kill the top eight in Japan, Meiling immediately fulfilled the promise of 'Belgium into the top 8 M fresh and play 20% off', which triggered industry attention.

'Mei Ling's cashing speed has made the industry and consumers really amazing.' Xu ​​Dongsheng, vice chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said with no surprise: 'At such a fast speed, we can realize the national scale and realize the list of consumers in time. This reflects the integrity of Meiling and reflects the company's commitment to user value.

Interestingly, the date of the 'Belgium to win the M free of charge' campaign initiated by Meiling is from June 4th to July 3rd. That is to say, after entering the top 8 in Belgium in the early morning of July 3, consumers are on the same day. The purchase of M fresh refrigerator can be 'clearly' enjoy a 20% discount. 'This 'bug' is obviously popular for consumers who want to buy M fresh refrigerator. 'Beijing Zhongyi Kang Times Data Co., Ltd. White Wei Jun, general manager of the electric business department, said: 'For the enterprise, it is also a bonus. After our data feedback, Meiling's sales of M fresh refrigerators showed explosive growth yesterday.

According to the relevant person in charge of Meiling, on July 3, the M fresh sales of Meiling's national stores showed a spurt of growth. In particular, the 639/645/660M fresh-keeping refrigerator participated in the 'Belgian wins M fresh-free' activity. The sales of the day exceeded 95%, becoming the 'hot favourite' in the minds of consumers.

Talking about the reasons for the explosive growth of M fresh day, Zou Wenhui, general manager of Meiling's domestic marketing department, analyzed that on the one hand, in the era of quality consumption, consumers are very concerned about the long-term preservation effect brought by M fresh-keeping refrigerators. Quality has also won their favor; on the other hand, as the price benchmark for high-end refrigerators, Meiling M fresh refrigerator this time 'winning the title alone' is also a rare 'letter' for users.

'This result is actually not very unexpected.' Meiling Zou Wenhui said: 'The long-lasting fresh-keeping experience of M fresh-keeping refrigerator has not been talked about by consumers, and it is also a model of high-end refrigerators in the industry. 'The event is also to let more consumers experience the different freshness brought by the water molecule activation technology.'

In fact, as the leader of the marketing brand of home appliances in this World Cup, Meiling’s 'Belgium wins M fresh and free of charge--Into the top 8 hits 20% off'. The speed of cashing has made many peers stunned. Just like the vice president of China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute Dean Qu Zongfeng said: 'Mei Ling's rapid response has refreshed the industry record, and once again demonstrated to the industry the company's strong strength and agile action. This is a promise, it is a good faith trip. , highlighting the beauty of a brand with speed and temperature. '

It is worth mentioning that in order to allow more consumers to enjoy the benefits of 'Belgium wins M fresh and free'. After Meiling entered the top 8 in Belgium, it launched a follow-up activity, namely: July 4th to 7th During the 15th of the month, consumers can purchase Meiling M Fresh Food Refrigerator 639/645/660, and enjoy 'Take the Champion and Play 20% Off'; Purchase other models of M fresh-keeping refrigerator, and win 500 yuan after winning the championship.

'Belgium's call to win the championship has become higher and higher, Meiling 'M fresh and free of charge' activity is also a wave higher than a wave. 'Ming Ling President Wu Dinggang stressed: 'We hope to have more consumers and more companies to join Come in, play with the technology, products and innovation of the home appliance industry. 'World Cup'.