Haidilao joins Whirlpool to launch clothing | '祛味味' | Service

The first thing we want to eat hot pot is Haidilao. The service is simply good. There is a service attitude above the highest level, where you can truly enjoy the customer is the taste of God. They always ask themselves, always Constantly upgraded its services. Just like, some time ago, the world's largest large-scale home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool launched a new smart product - the new Rui washing machine, so that clothes have no smell, while also providing free mobile phones, bags, clothing Bacteria, decoction services, consistently praised by consumers.

Haidilao and Whirlpool, the leader of this century-old home appliance, launched the clothing '祛味味' service, not only that, but also free to clean the mobile phone, bags and other non-washable items for sterilization, decontamination services, whether it is Whirlpool or Haidilao, will be a service upgrade.

Whirlpool Xinrui washing machine (model: WG-F100887BHCIEP) is placed in Haidilao's store, bringing customers a scent and sterilizing service. To know that for odors and stains, the washing machine can only clean and clean, but for mobile phones And what about the unwashable items in the bag? At this time, the Whirlpool Xinrui washing machine (model: WG-F100887BHCIEP) appeared. This is a revolution in the washing machine, letting you know that even if there is no water, you can clean the items.

As a star product of Whirlpool's focus on polishing, Xinrui Washing Machine has won the personal praise of Wu Xiaobo, a financial big coffee at AWE. Thanks to Wu Xiaobo's personal praise. A Whirlpool New Rui washing machine (Model: WG-F100887BHCIEP), with wisdom oxygen The refreshing function can effectively remove the odor from the clothes and bags in the absence of water. It can be fresh and fresh at any time. It can also release ozone through the built-in ozone generator. , bags, bacteria on plush toys, ozone as a strong oxidant, is a recognized sterilization gas, the effective sterilization rate reached 99.99%.

As the industry's service leader, Haidilao captures many consumers with high-quality services. Similarly, Whirlpool is also committed to serving as the company's business, so that every consumer can more easily experience the intelligent lifestyle. In the future, Whirlpool Will always run through every detail of the product, adhere to the pursuit of product quality excellence, for the majority of consumers to establish a good reputation and brand image.