Haier invented a new category of household washing machine Chengdu listed

Recently, Haier household shoe washing machine was listed in Chengdu. As a new category in the care industry, Haier household washing machine breaks the traditional concept of washing, leading the industry into a new era of footwear care.

Unique body spray technology:

If the clothes are dirty, they can be handed over to the washing machine, but what about the dirty shoes? Most of the users use manual brushing, cleaning is not clean, and the wear is still large. Haier invented the home washing machine, which created the body spray technology, which can deeply clean the dirt. Also can take care of the upper.

Drawer design: no space

In the context of consumption upgrades, users pay special attention to the footprint of home appliances. Haier household shoe washing machine adopts drawer design, which can be used together with washing machine and dryer. It does not occupy space and can realize user partition washing. When washing, it is the standard for ordinary families.

Create a footwear care ecosystem: high-end intelligence

In fact, Haier provides users with more than just a household shoe washing machine, but the entire footwear care ecosystem. By carrying the Internet of Things technology, Haier smart shoe cabinet can achieve purification and deodorization, sterilization, drying and warming, dehumidification Anti-mildew and other functions, to provide users with a comfortable, healthy shoe care experience.

Footwear ecology is only part of Haier Yilian's ecology. Based on RFID technology, Yilian Ecology can provide customers with comprehensive solutions for purchasing, washing, nursing, management and wearing.