Have eaten the sizzling sound | 'Water Peach Ice Cream' |

Since the self-shaking hot search, there are many popular foods. Recently, a peach ice cream has exploded all over the net, which is called 'the fighter in the ice cream'!

When I opened the bag, I smelled the peach aroma. There was both the sweet and sour of the peach and the richness of the milk. It was just sour and sweet. It was a bit hard when I took it out of the refrigerator, and the surface was thin. The frost is recommended to be eaten for 5 minutes. The peach flesh becomes crispy after freezing, and the two can remove the sweetness of the ice cream.

At present, this fruit ice cream is only available in Hangzhou & Chongqing IKEA. The price is 20 yuan. Many senior friends will not hesitate to do high-speed rail to Hangzhou to play cards. Why bother? If there is a refrigerator in the home, you can DIY refresh at home. Not sweet fruit ice cream. Today, we recommend several super-powerful refrigerators for you, dragon fruit, pineapple, orange, coconut ice cream and other simple tastes, eat casually.

1, the United States cross-opening refrigerator BCD-468WTPM (E)

Beautiful cross-opening refrigerator, stylish one-piece gold appearance, showing the perfect home taste. 636mm slim body design, easy to embed in the kitchen closet, easy to use no land. 468L capacity, buy back 2 weeks of ingredients in one go is not a matter. Food grade Contact the liner, you can directly contact the ingredients, use more assured. When the refrigerator door is open more than 60S, automatic alarm, close the door.

This refrigerator has a multi-dimensional intelligent variable frequency motor, the refrigerator can quickly reach the set temperature, 39 decibel bass operation, only one electric power per day, storage is more energy-saving. Support computer temperature control, freezer and freezer can be independently adjusted, one button Control, very worry-free. The use of air-cooled and frost-free technology, to ensure that the interior of the refrigerator is frost-free and fresh, not odor, overtime and nights have fresh ingredients for staying up late.

2, Siemens on the door refrigerator BCD-610W (KA92NV02TI)

Siemens open door refrigerator, white elegant appearance, metal panel, cast aesthetics. 610L large capacity, melon and fruit vegetables casually put, can be installed. LED display + touch control, handwriting digital display at a glance, easy to operate; embedded door handle, intimate Design, leaving more storage space. Wide climatic zone design, 43 degrees Celsius high temperature work as usual, summer temperatures can still enjoy cold food.

In terms of functional configuration, air-cooled design, automatic defrosting, precise temperature control, fast and even cooling, eliminating the need for manual defrosting. Parallel double-circulation system, freezer and freezer separate cooling independently, food is not odor, fresh More durable; built-in powerful inverter compressor, automatically adjust the compressor running speed according to the temperature inside and outside the refrigerator and the stored food state, accurately control the temperature, save power and worry.

3, Rongsheng cross door open door refrigerator BCD-456WD11FP

Rongsheng cross-door multi-door refrigerator, durable anti-fingerprint, durable and non-fading, 7 layers outstanding, bringing a different ecological experience. 456L capacity, 8-layer golden section design, creating a fresh gold pattern, food classification and storage, space More efficient use. Flexible adjustable wet and dry drawers, three temperature modes, one-button control, keeping the fresh taste of food.

In terms of fresh-keeping function, the NAF ecological fresh-keeping system is equipped with automatic release of negative ions, natural and effective net taste, fresh internal environment of the refrigerator, and a healthier diet. Under the joint action of variable frequency centrifugal motor and vector frequency conversion technology compressor, the refrigerator is kept at a constant temperature. Low temperature fluctuations, low energy consumption and quiet operation, 0.82 kWh a day.

4, Haier cross door refrigerator BCD-458WDVMU1

Haier cross-opening refrigerator, champagne gold wire drawing process, outstanding fashion. Slim body, high matching cabinet depth, all kinds of furniture style. 458L capacity, internal T-door structure, wide refrigerated area, fruit and vegetable moisturizing area, refrigerated The treasure area, the frozen fresh area and the frozen finished area are divided into 5 sections, so that the ingredients are in accordance with their own conditions.

This refrigerator supports dry and wet storage, customized storage space according to the needs of different ingredients, prolongs the preservation time, and retains more nutrition. Compressor, fan double frequency conversion design, 24-hour monitoring of refrigerator temperature, automatic adjustment of compressor working frequency And fan speed, energy saving and fresher. T.BAT full-time sterilization system, sterilization rate as high as 99.99%, in addition, this refrigerator also supports cloud intelligent IoT, intelligent operation through mobile phone mobile terminals, to grasp the fresh state of the refrigerator anytime, anywhere.

5, Meiling on the door refrigerator BCD-569WPCX

Meiling's door refrigerator, 704mm fuselage, covers an area of ​​only 0.64 square meters, can be described as humanized design. 569L large space, 14+8 pattern, fruit and vegetable meat partition storage, refused to taste. Intelligent touch display, simple and easy to use, each One-click operation of the function. If the refrigerated door is not closed for more than 3 minutes, it will automatically alarm, reminding the user to close the door in time, saving energy and reducing consumption.

In addition, this refrigerator adopts Meiling's exclusive 0.1-degree frequency conversion technology to achieve 990--4500 wide-speed speed regulation, allowing food to be kept at a constant temperature. Unique LECO net smell system, 24-hour sterilization, clean taste, purifying the internal environment of the refrigerator. Convection 360 degree circulation cooling wind, avoid direct blowing, do not let food dry, save nutrition, avoid loss.

summary : Still thinking about grouping to IKEA 'Stealing peaches'? In the hot summer, with the help of the intelligent temperature-controlled frozen refrigerator, brushing the sound at home while eating fruit ice cream, this feeling is not too good!