Rollover: Jingdong | '0 yuan purchase' | Router all display | 'Out of stock'

The router '0 yuan purchase' has been repeatedly rolled over. At present, Jingdong Mall's Fiji products and pole routing B70 have displayed the 'out of stock' status. Even the screenshots displayed by netizens show that Jingdong once blocked the 'Fixon' keyword. .

It is reported that the Fibonacci router has been sold in both Taobao and Jingdong. However, in 2017, Taobao removed the Fibonacci products. The reason is that the Fibonacci products are accompanied by a guide, which induces consumers to invest and manage money. It is easy to be tying and disguised. The act of tying wealth management products. To protect the interests of merchants and consumers, Taobao protects property and removes such products.

However, Jingdong has been selling Fijian products. During the 618 this year, Fiji also took the lead in the sales of Jingdong Smart Home, Digital Accessories, Smart Wear, and Speakers' own product categories. From June 1st By June 18, the sales of Fidelity Jingdong Mall broke 460 million yuan, and the sales volume exceeded 480,000 units.

The same routed B70 router, currently in Jingdong also shows that only two stores are on sale, also showing the 'no goods' status.