Reading: FIT has established a subsidiary in Japan to provide 3D printing services for Japanese manufacturers | FIT has established a subsidiary in Japan to provide 3D printing services to Japanese ma

FIT AG, a German additive manufacturing group, recently announced the establishment of its new subsidiary FIT Japan KK in Japan, hoping to expand FIT AG's business and customer base in the Asian additive manufacturing market.

FIT AG CEO Carl Fruth commented: 'We hope to expand these business relationships and become a technology leader in Japan and throughout Asia.' With FIT and development and distribution points throughout the United States, Romania and Russia and over 20 years of experience, FIT AG is an expert in providing rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing (ADM) technical services.

Today, FIT carries these services into the Japanese manufacturing market, from pre-production to post-processing, as well as a complete additive manufacturing technology portfolio such as quality assurance.

FIT AG has found that there is still a lack of additive manufacturing technology in Japan. Japanese manufacturers, especially large automakers, have integrated AM processes into their end parts and tool production, and the demand for related technologies has increased. When I first heard about FIT AG and its ADM concept, I immediately realized its potential,” said YASUSHI MURATA, a Japanese manufacturing expert at FIT AG. Source: Antarctic Bear 3D Printing Network