Reading: Football Night Only Carnival | Let Ricoh 褆 help you keep a good memory | Football Night Only Carnival | Let Ricoh 褆 help you keep a good memory

On the evening of June 22, 2018, Shanghai, just as the World Cup in Russia is playing a wonderful game against Brazil in Costa Rica, are you still enjoying the game at home alone? PConline not only sent geeks to Russia to participate in the World Cup, but also in technology and football. Interested friends and friends have successfully held a 'scientific taste' of the World Cup offline viewing activities.

In this issue of the "Geeks Watch the World" under the theme of the technology 'vision' circle, there are not only a group of like-minded fans, but also a lot of snacks, beauty, and the latest IN products. It is a feast of technology and football!

On the evening of June 22, Brazil's game against Costa Rica was very exciting. The PConline friends who started the game were excited to dance, but it seems that there are fewer netizens watching the game. Where are they going?

As a netizen activity of the main technology, the netizens who came to participate were obviously attracted to this product in the past, and even forgot the four-year football feast. What kind of product makes these fans and friends have a strong Onlookers'?

It is the RiTee digital direct injection printing machine!

As a digital direct-injection printing machine, RiTee is compact and requires only two A3 paper-sized desktops to support the digital printing of fabrics such as T-shirts and shopping bags with a cotton content of 50% or more. It is worth mentioning that RiTee uses digital direct injection technology to print, and Ricoh's self-produced piezoelectric nozzles, because of the precise ink droplets they spray, make the images printed by RiTee have a degree of reduction. High, fast printing and ink-saving features can effectively improve the processing and output efficiency of image data, not only can make the output color closer to the original color of the original, but also can achieve clear results in the detail processing of the line.

Unlike other digital direct-injection printing machines, RiTee eliminates the need to purchase a flat-panel fixing machine. After printing, the user only needs to complete the printing and fixing operation in one pull and one pull. Conversion, very convenient.

The portable and easy-to-use RiTee not only has the advantages of small size, excellent printing effect, integrated printing and color integration, but also simple and convenient operation. Users can intuitively access the LCD screen on the product operation panel. See the amount of ink remaining, so that the personality does not 'pause'!

Many netizens who participated in the event were attracted by such a highly personalized product. They used to transmit beautiful photos through their mobile phones. They hoped to print them out through RiTee and show their personality.

Even the children who love to play are attracted by RiTee and successfully print out the football superstars in his heart!

Of course, RiTee can not only print T-shirts, but also print directly on the medium containing 50% or more of the medium by means of splint printing, and print high-precision and beautiful images up to 1200dpi*1200dpi. Designers not only make a wider selection of materials, but also print their own creative patterns more accurately.

The happy time is always so short. With the lore of the Brazilian team Fernandinho, the end of Costa Rica’s attempt to equalize the situation is over. When the final whistle sounds, this time the theme of science and technology is the theme of the cup. The geeks watch the world, the ball watching activity came to an end.

In the final group photo, many netizens took out the T-shirt printed by RiTee to show the joy of the night. A football-based, technology-driven activity ended, but there are still many netizens. After a long time in RiTee, I hope to print out my own personality and show it to the world. This is not like the many new stars rising in this World Cup, showing through the huge stage of the World Cup. Is the unique charm of football?