Solve 6 large fabric machine wash puzzles | Casa Di air wash video exposure

On July 3, 2018, a comparative experimental video of a section of Casa Di Air Wash 6 high-end fabrics was exposed in the network channel, cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chiffon, lace, 6 common but not easy to wash high-end fabrics, after passing After the air washing of Casa Di, the original color was dim, and the state of wrinkles was all restored to the texture of the new clothes. Even the small folds were smoothed, and the clothes became smooth and smooth.

In 1858, American Hamilton Smith invented the world's first washing machine, which freed human beings from heavy domestic work. Since then, this kind of washing tool that replaces human beings with machinery has become an indispensable daily necessities. Over the past 100 years, the iterative demand of users has promoted the continuous innovation of washing machines. From the beginning of the germination period, the basic netting function has been able to meet the needs of users, and to enter the popularization period, while cleaning, water-saving and energy-saving performance is superior to the washing machine. Appreciated; in the past 10 years, the demand for washing machine replacement is obvious, and the professional care of high-end fabrics has become a major demand.

This high-end care needs are generated from the pain points of the user's life. For example, the fabric is light and soft, which is smooth, smooth but wear-resistant, repeated in a traditional washing machine, violently beaten and washed. After drying, the fabric fibers become loose, the surface appears fluffed, hooked, and even washed out a lot of pompoms. This irreversible damage becomes a hindrance to the life of silk, the obstacle in the daily process, the same problem also appears in the advanced In lace fabrics, lace is a general name for various silk fabrics woven from silk. Its strengths are light, soft, and lustrous, but the shortcomings of 'sturdy' also cause fuzzing during machine washing, loose or even Pattern distortion, deformation, etc. In addition, the texture of the soft cotton, linen washing machine will wash more and more loose; woolen clothing will shrink, deformation. In the exposed Casa Di air wash experimental video, Casa Di Washed, no dry cleaning, air cleaning to solve the problem of 6 high-end fabric washing problems that plague users, compare the effects of 6 identical fabrics before and after washing, the color is dim before washing, the clothing with obvious wrinkles, Sa Di air washed significantly more bright, smooth, smooth, drape stereoscopic feeling better.

Air washing can achieve a completely different effect from traditional machine washing. The reason is that the air washing is cleaned by the original micro-vapor molecular care, and the clothing fibers are penetrated to achieve cleansing and care. At the same time, the bacteria, shavings, odors, dust and the like on the fabric are quickly removed and restored. The sense of clothing material. And air cleaner is safer than the dry cleaners that cause detergent residue and skin damage.

"2017 China Quality Living Appliances Consumption Trends White Paper" shows that 'quality' has become the biggest trend of current home appliance consumption, and high-end users are increasingly demanding quality, high-end, professional care solutions, consumption upgrades and users. Cognitive improvement has also created a broader development craze for high-end care. Casa Di created a third type of air-washing, which meets the needs of users for high-end care while building a 'watershed' with product generation. Leading the care industry into a new stage of development guided by user needs, accelerating the high-end process of global home appliances.