Purple rice portable router push 30G national unlimited speed package

In view of the increasing demand for traffic from small partners, you can use it as you like when you go out to play or work. Purple rice has recently brought a flow package, which can enjoy 30GB national unlimited speed.

It is reported that the package is only available for sale at Tmall flagship store, including ZMI portable router + 70 yuan flow card, including 30GB national unlimited speed package, the first 2.3 yuan / GB, renewal fee as low as 3.3 yuan / GB!

Purple rice ZMI portable router built-in 10000mAh battery, support 65 hours standby, support three major operators, Xiaomi mobile and other virtual operators of various networks, covering 13 global frequency bands including FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, 4G download The fastest 150Mbps, faster than 100M broadband; China Unicom, mobile 3G download fastest 21Mbps, 2.8Mbps, can be converted into Wi-Fi signal.

It can provide network services for up to 8 wireless devices at the same time, 1 device (USB), and a dedicated APP to view and view router information, manage traffic, power, network, etc.

Purple rice ZMI portable router itself is priced at 399 yuan, package price of 469 yuan.