Or to see in the observation, not unwilling to pay for maintenance, is spent money and repair bad just belly rotten. Car repair original vs outside factory which is good? Business Three point analysis

Many people buy a car, the most common problem is maintenance, some people are accustomed to back to the original, some people are accustomed to their familiar with the outside plant maintenance, but in the end how to choose the best?

A car sales business in the "MOBILE01" analysis, the original repair price is high, but there are no comparison of the three major advantages, some people think that the point, but there are some negative views.

The business said, many people will take out the factory and the original to do comparisons, he said the car repair, although the original price is high, but the following three advantages, the first is the original car related records, the second is some outside the factory

Can not accurately find the car problem, is often the car to find a big problem to deal with, and the third is now the monthly salary of the car has more computer equipped, outside the factory did not buy new diagnostics computer and circuit diagram, if even this basic equipment are not, how to help the car maintenance?

In addition, he also reminded everyone since all the money to buy a car, why not spend more money will be better and more protection than the greedy cheap to go outside the factory to screw, and finally pay more money to repair some do not, and then the Internet rely on the North original repair is not good? However, the business of the statement caused by two netizens hot discussion, some netizens said that "I agree that the original has a better resource can help ~ after all now computerized!" "," I also drove a Ford car has 10 years, in the original maintenance is more secure than outside, I will choose to return to the original. Outside repair and maintenance experience, disorderly repair disorderly quotation and repair is not good. "," personally very agree with the moderator of the argument! With the car experience for a long time, will naturally find that the rapid progress of modern automotive technology, the original equipment integration and technical energy upgrade, or superior to the outside plant. Moreover, according to my experience, outfield deceptive's trick is really ...

Amazing! " But there are netizens who say they disagree "but my friend in the elimination of the base will be a short six months, received the car trading, maintenance related complaints, there are three Ford, and run to open a conciliation meeting, this is only a single club information ⋯","is this ironic? The problem is not to compare with the factory, but .... back to the original repair not good AH!!