Is the smart toilet easy to use? Can domestically replace the import?

In the first two days of renovation, when I went to the furniture market, I found that almost every bathroom brand's toilet sales area displayed smart toilets, from small brands that could not be named, to Panasonic, TOTO, such as big names, no One exception. Friends who are buying a toilet, will find that TOTO and Panasonic now combine the ordinary toilet and the smart toilet cover into a combination, whether it is a physical store or an online flagship store.

Behind this sales model, it is once again explained that the intelligentization of the toilet has become a new trend in the bathroom. The price of the intelligent toilet cover is covered from the full price of less than 3,000 yuan to 1,000 yuan, allowing more comfortable toilets to enter more Family, no longer the privilege of the rich. From the high-end route of Panasonic, TOTO, to the low-cost toilet lid that was born in the past 17 years, the smart toilet cover market is prosperous.

Domestic sanitary ware brands are rushing into the smart toilet market, and the news of the previous purchase of toilet seats in Japan has become a funny laugh. Which smart toilet cover is good? Is the domestic smart toilet cover really replacing imported? question mark?

Is the smart toilet cover of the domestic sanitary ware brand reliable?

Traditional old-fashioned sanitary wares like Wrigley, American Standard, and Jiu Mu are all started as hardware ceramics. They don't make much comment on the professionalism of ordinary toilets, but all the domestic brands of smart toilets are cross-industry. Even It is a big brand like Haier that only entered the industry cross-border in 2015. The maturity of quality control and technology is waiting to be seen.

Imported intelligent toilet cover brand and domestic comparison

The smart toilet cover originated in the United States and was widely used in Japan. After that, Korea relied on the government's power to actively promote the toilet cover nationwide. Now the popularity of smart toilet covers in Japan and South Korea has reached 70%-80%. The cover is called a body cleaner in Japan. The most essential function is to clean the health. If the antibacterial properties are not available, there are no other functions. The domestic brands that have just entered the industry can be rough in function. Imitation, in some precise details can not fully meet the technical requirements.

It is said that the brand that has just been in the business for less than 3 years, and the brand that has made smart toilet cover for more than 15 years, is incomparable in the details of electronic control core technology, stability, antibacterial disinfection, electrical protection, waterproof performance and so on. South Korea's professional brand of smart toilets for 15 years has Aizhen and Fu Leming, and Xiongjin Coway is also recognized in Korea. Although these three brands are not known in China, their reputation has been good. The high-end smart toilet has a good price/performance ratio, especially compared with TOTO and Panasonic. The price advantage of the same function is obvious.

Imported smart toilet seat advantages

The advantages of imported smart toilets are also reflected in the function. In addition to the basic cleaning and drying, the Japanese and Korean toilets will incorporate many more user-friendly functions. For example, one-button automatic cleaning, uncomplicated operation is very suitable for the elderly. South Korea Aizhen also directly sets the old button; children mode, coway almost every child has a child mode; ladies cleaning, which coway WIDE custom water width and Panasonic pulse water flow, friendly to women; assist function, most Representing Fleming's one-click help and love really enema, Aizhen has a professional medical device certification in Korea, and the love of really oxygenated spa and Fleming's bath massage is also considered Competitive function. Overall, the development of more mature brands, better and more intimate in terms of humanity.

In terms of antibacterial, Japan and South Korea are more reassuring than domestic ones. South Korea's Fleming and Japanese Panasonic's SIAA International Antibacterial Certification are very convincing. All the high-end smart toilets are equipped with self-cleaning and pre-spraying sprays, as well as multiple clean water. Filtered design, so that friends who are worried about bacterial growth and cross infection can put their hearts in their stomachs. But if it is a small brand, or a brand that cannot meet the requirements of technology, the details that can not be discerned by the meat industry can be guaranteed. How much, whether it is really trustworthy, is to ask questions, after all, is a personal body cleaner, every detail should not be sloppy.

From the perspective of cost performance and brand protection, I am more optimistic about the Korean smart toilet cover, which is more suitable for the majority of middle-class families in China than the price of the Japanese big brand. The popularity of Korean smart toilets is lower than that of Japanese. However, the standard for measuring the quality of a full-featured intelligent toilet seat is very competitive regardless of the mature stability of the technology and the humanization of the function. Even in terms of quality details, compared to Japanese domestic OEM production, South Korea toilet cover is imported from the whole machine, more reassuring.