Reading: The value of the thin and light game book | Not just the narrow border gaming screen | The value of the thin and light game book | Not just the narrow border gaming screen

Compared with desktop computers, notebooks have unparalleled portability, so almost all users in the office will choose notebooks, but playing games is not necessarily the case. With the development of technology, the performance of notebooks is getting better and better. , The game has become more and more portable, and Razer Spirit Blade can be said to be very good in this regard.

With the release of the eight-generation Core Duo processor, all major game manufacturers have also updated their own game products. Razer will certainly not be left behind. A press conference was held on May 22 to release a new Razer. The Spirit Blade, for me who just bought a Razer Spirit Blade, is just a crit. Buy it early!

Features : Narrow Frame | 144Hz Screen | Thin Body

insufficient : Metal Body Heat Conduction

Upgrade proposal : If needed, a larger SSD can be added later

Configuration and performance

Product configuration
Razer Spirit Blade
Intel Core i7-8750H
16GB DDR4 2667MHz
Video card
GTX 1060 Max-Q 6GB
Display screen
15.6 inches 144Hz
hard disk
Pre-installed system
Windows 10
18999 yuan
Performance Testing
The default setting (the higher the score is, the stronger the performance is)
Cinebench R15
Multi-core 1063cb/single core 170cb
Extreme 5325/Ultra 2701
Read: 42.17MB/s Write: 106MB/s
PCMark 8
2 hours 16 minutes
Game testing
Default picture quality 1920*1080 resolution (The higher the number of frames, the smoother)
Jedi survival
130 frames
Watch pioneer
146 frames
Assassin's Creed: Origin
60 frames

In terms of configuration, the i7-8750H equipped with the processor is standard. The graphics card is equipped with GTX1060 Max-Q, which finds an excellent balance between performance and heat dissipation. Nothing is particularly good in running scores. Both belong to the running level of the current configuration. In terms of battery life, in the case of 100% brightness and moderate brightness of the keyboard backlight, the time for consuming 80% of the power is 2 hours and 16 minutes. No need to worry about daily use. Look, GTX1060 Max-Q will not waste this 144Hz refresh rate screen, high color gamut, high refresh rate and narrow bezel design, further enhance the visual experience.

PConline evaluation room summary

The Razer Spirit Blade has always been the leader in the thin and light game. After this update, the Razer Spirit Blade finally used a narrow bezel design. In the case of a 14-inch body size, a 15.6-inch 144Hz e-sport was inserted. Screen, so that the whole machine looks very stunning. And configuration equipped with the 8 generation of Core Duo and 1060 Max-Q let the performance go further, for heat dissipation is also more excellent. For me personally, Razer Ling blade series notebook It always gives people the feeling of a craft, and people have the urge to buy it. I don't know what you think about this new Razer Spirit Blade?