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As PC products become more and more detailed, two-in-one notebooks also play an increasingly important role in people's lives. It has a thin body shape, a more free form of work, and plays a role in mobile office. Alternatives. The Latitude series is Dell's renowned line of business notebooks designed to provide businesses and individuals with high-security, multi-functional commercial products. Dell Latitude 5290 is one of the representative products of this series, in addition to having In addition to the inherent advantages of the Latitude series, it is also rich in scalability and powerful performance, which can greatly enhance your work efficiency.

First, the appearance of a simple business

The entire body of the Dell Latitude 5290 reveals a very strong business atmosphere. Its body color is basically black, making the Dell Latitude 5290 look very deep, wise, elegant. The body is also very thin, the body weight is 860g, attached The gift keyboard is about 340g. The total added weight is 1.2kg. It is almost the same weight as the XPS 13 of its own. Its body thickness is about 9.76mm. It has such a lightweight body shape, whether it participates in various meetings, or For business trips or fulfillment, Dell Latitude 5290 can handle it with ease.

Let's take a look at the screen of the Dell Latitude 5290. The resolution of this screen is 1920×1280. The details are clear and sharp, which is very suitable for mobile work. This screen also supports ten-touch, sensitive touch response, suitable for productivity. Use of tools.

Let's take a closer look at the back of the Dell Latitude 5290. The most obvious back is the center's most iconic Dell logo. In addition, the back bracket is an important part of the two-in-one notebook, and the opening and closing of the Dell Latitude 5290 bracket. The angle has exceeded 135 degrees, which makes it have more work forms and can easily deal with various scenarios. The D-side workmanship is also very delicate. The main body of the fuselage is exquisitely crafted with the matte craft material, and the bracket part. The metal wire drawing process is used. This design allows the Dell Latitude 5290 to have a more three-dimensional feel. The only drawback is that this material is easily contaminated with fingerprints.

Let's take a closer look at the scalability of the Dell Latitude 5290. To make connectivity easier, the Dell Latitude 5290's expansion interface is all placed on the left side of the fuselage. It has 2 Type-C interfaces and 1 USB 3.0 interface. , A 3.5mm headphone jack. For 2-in-1 notebooks, having such expansion is already quite good, can meet the requirements of data transmission, it does not seem redundant. For 2-in-1 notebook, The settings of the switch buttons may appear even more important. The Dell Latitude 5290's power button is on the right side of the phone, the volume control button is on the left side of the phone, and the upper side of the phone has a shortcut key to open the Windows start menu. The settings allow the user to use the tablet mode more smoothly.

Let's revisit the keyboard that is separate from the body. Although the keyboard of the Dell Latitude 5290 is only about 300g, it is extremely textured. Instead of using the same fabrics as most other portable keyboards, the Dell Latitude 5290 adopts a revolution. Fabrics. And the key process is also very reasonable, feedback is also very powerful, very suitable for commercial office. At the same time also supports two-level backlight. In many 2 in 1 notebook products, Dell Latitude 5290's design is quite good. And The adsorption force of the keyboard is also extremely strong, and there is no fear of falling of the fuselage during use, which greatly increases the safety factor during use.

Second, the performance surging

Processor performance test:

The Dell Latitude 5290 is equipped with an Intel Core i5-8350U, which is the same as the Intel Core i5-8250U. They are all 8-generation low-voltage processors. They have 4 cores and 8 threads. The thermal design consumes 15W and the L3 cache is 6MB. Both use the 14nm production process and the Coffee Lake-U/Y architecture. However, the Intel Core i5-8350U has a working frequency of 1.7GHz and the Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6GHz. This is higher than the Intel Core i5-8250U. Keeping the Dell Latitude 5290 flexible and versatile, it also allows it to run some higher load tasks.

The CPU-Z software can also test the performance of the processor. In this software, the Intel Core i5-8350U has a multi-core processing power score of 2072 points and a single-core processing power score of 423 points.

In addition, the CPU-Z can also detect memory information. The Dell Latitude 5290 has 16GB of memory and two 8GB memory modules operating at 2133HMz, which allows the Dell Latitude 5290 to handle more work at the same time.

The Cinebench R15 is also a software that tests the performance of the processor by rendering a high-resolution image and finally giving the processor's score and ranking. In this software, the Intel Core i5-8350U's multicore processing power score is 517cb, single core processing power score of 149cb.

The Fritz Chess Benchmark is a software that tests the multi-core performance of the processor. The test method mainly depends on how many steps the computer can take in one second. In this software, the score of the Intel Core i5-8350U is 9752. .

Through the tests of the above software, it can be seen that the Intel Core i5-8350U has good performance. With it, the daily tasks of the Dell Latitude 5290 processor will become more convenient.

Graphics processing ability test:

In order to maintain a portable and versatile figure, the graphics processing power of the Dell Latitude 5290 relies mainly on the core graphics card on the Intel Core i5-8350U. The name of the graphics card is called Intel UHD Graphics 620, and the operating frequency is 300MHz-1100MHz.

3DMark is a software for testing computer graphics processing capabilities. It has multiple test modes for different types of devices. Ice Strom Extreme mainly tests mobile devices, as a two-in-one Dell Latitude 5290, with this mode. More suitable, its score is 38970.

The Sky Diver mode is mainly aimed at some light or business computers. The Dell Latitude 5290 is also applicable. Its score in this mode is 3958 points.

At the same time, Dell Latitude 5290 still has a very good graphics capabilities, whether it is usually at work or travel, it will have a very good performance.

Hard disk read and write performance special test:

The Dell Latitude 5290 is equipped with a SSD with a SATA interface and a capacity of 128GB. As a two-in-one laptop, this configuration is sufficient. In the AS SSD Benchmark software test, the Dell Latitude 5290 has a sustained read speed of 481MB/s, continuous write speed of 229MB/s, 4K random read speed of 10MB/s, 4K random write speed of 63MB/s, and hard disk performance score of 514 points, has reached the mainstream level of the same type of products If you are concerned about the lack of capacity, Dell Latitude 5290 also has an SD card slot, up to 128GB SD card, this design can be said to be very intimate.

Lifeline test:

The biggest advantage of the two-in-one notebook is that the portability is very outstanding, so the battery life is particularly important. Through the detection of AIDA 64, we know that the battery capacity of the Dell Latitude 5290 is 41998mWh. In the PCmark 8 endurance test, we put Brightness is up to the brightness recommended by Windows 10, which is closer to the real use scenario. Its final battery life is 4 hours and 43 minutes. The conventional thin and light notebook's battery life is about 3.5-4.5 hours. Dell Latitude 5290 is much higher. The performance is quite amazing.

Comprehensive performance test:

The main purpose of PCMark 8 software is to test the overall performance of the computer. The test items mainly include storage, calculation, games, graphics processing, and many other functions that we often use in daily life and work. The reference value is even greater. Dell Latitude 5290 is in this The score in the software is 3,504 points, which proves that it can do a good job in daily tasks.

Great gaming experience:

In the actual use of the process, Dell Latitude 5290 can give me a very smooth and comfortable experience. When using a variety of office software, it can run very smoothly. Screen touch response speed is also very sensitive. Dell Latitude 5290, you can enjoy a two-in-one notebook to bring more fun to your work and life.

Third, PConline evaluation room summary:

Product configuration table:

Product configuration

DELL Latitude 5290

Intel Core i5-8350U clocked at 1.7GHz
16GB DDR3 2133MHz
Graphics card
Intel UHD Graphics 620
Display screen
12.3-inch IPS touch screen 1920×1280
hard disk
128 SSD
Machine weight: 1.2kg
Pre-installed system
Windows 10 64-bit
9888 yuan
Performance Testing
Default setting (the higher the score, the better the performance)
Cinebench R15

Ice Strom Extreme: 38970; Sky Diver: 3958

PCMark 8
PCMark 8 endurance 4h43min

Evaluation summary:

Overall, the Dell Latitude 5290 is a very good 2-in-1 notebook product. Simple color, lightweight body shape, diverse work style, will be favored by more minimalist business people. Of course, Dell Latitude 5290 It also excels in performance, can be used for daily office tasks, is a thin and flexible productivity tool.