Reading: 22 hours long battery life | ASUS Chang 370 骁 Long Ben's correct opening method | 22 hours long battery life | ASUS Chang 370 骁 Long Ben's correct opening method

Since Microsoft announced its cooperation with Qualcomm at the end of 2016, Qualcomm began working with a number of vendors to build WIN10 notebooks based on the Xiaolong 835. However, compared with traditional PC processors, Xiaolong's performance has been questioned by the outside world. As the king of the mobile phone processor field, it has its own strengths. In the PC field, the Snapdragon processor has a long battery life (more than 20 hours) and an interconnected PC (the laptop has the same real-time networking capabilities as a smartphone). Core selling point, performance. I recently got a notebook computer equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor - ASUS Chang370 Dragon TV. After occupying it for more than a week, I was asked to share with you the experience. Not much to say we go into the text.

Long battery life! 22 hours battery notebook to understand

Under normal operating conditions, our average laptops have a battery life of approximately 2-3 hours. Although laptops have a huge advantage over desktops in portability, their battery life greatly limits our mobile productivity. The time and scope of the Snapdragon 835 processor compared to the traditional notebook processor, the biggest advantage is that its power consumption is greatly reduced, thus greatly improving the battery life. The power consumption of the processor of the mobile phone, the battery of the notebook computer, Emmm this life is definitely a bar.

I chose two films, "Languzhi Ting" (1080P) and "City of Philharmonic" (4K), to be looped. After 11 hours of age, the laptop's battery power was still 30%+. It was just a bad day. During my time of use, We also deliberately paid attention to the daily life of the Chinese Sung Chang 370 Sakamoto Ryumoto. After a day's work to destroy the Asustek 370 Sakamoto Ryumoto's electricity can be maintained at about 40%, its super long life guarantee we can The power supply is not used for a long period of time, especially when you go out, you do not need to worry about the power problem.

Accessing the network at any time, WIFI can't limit me anymore.

Compared with PCs, smart phones have the advantage of being portable, but also that they can access the Internet anytime and anywhere via LTE. Although laptops now access the Internet through wireless network cards or mobile phone hotspots, they are still inconvenient, and traffic charges are also a Larger problem. ASUS Chang Kai 370 dragons support 4G LTE Cat 16 high-speed Internet access, buy computers to send internet cards, donated one-year unlimited flow of telecommunications internet cards.

According to the official information, the bandwidth of this network card reaches 1 Gbps. The actual network test download speed reaches 32.61 Mbps, and the upload speed also reaches 22.71 Mbps. And the ASUS Chang 370 骁 Longben also uses 4x4 MIMO+CA. Design, our download speed and network stability have been greatly guaranteed. And 4G network has higher security than wireless network, 4G is more secure for our personal information security than unfamiliar wireless network.