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Washing machines are hailed as one of the 100 greatest inventions in history. They have freed thousands of people from heavy housework and become an indispensable necessities of life. With the rapid development of science and technology and smart times With the advent of traditional washing machines, most of the traditional washing machines are already on the verge of being eliminated. Products that can meet the needs of the new generation of people are more and more sought after.

Power is Power to Improve Labor Efficiency

Turning back to look, the development process of the washing machine itself is a 'history to meet the needs of the times'. In the past century, the growth experience of washing machines has witnessed that mankind has continuously brought convenience through life through wisdom and changed life through science and technology. In 1911, American Alfredo Fei Hill made the world’s first electric washing machine in Chicago. It was powered by a small generator and used a rotating vat to put clothes and soap in it. Until the 1920s, Western power was Widely used, Howard Snyder of the United States has reformed the washing structure of the washing machine. He changed the drag type to agitator type, allowing the water stream to strongly collide with the clothes and rubbing, thereby achieving the purpose of washing clothes. With electricity as the Power, people's laundry more convenient, but also greatly increased labor efficiency.

The automatic era completely liberates hands

The wheel of history was in the 1950s. People began to get bored with the tedious laundry process. At this time, with the advancement of technology, the fully automated era of washing machines also came. In 1947, Uporton Machine Company invented the world. The first fully automatic washing machine. In the 1990s, Japan developed a washing machine equipped with a motor, eliminating the need for a speed change mechanism and gear transmission. For many years, washing machines have experienced roller-type, jet-flow, pulsator-style evolution, human hands thoroughly Being liberated, housework becomes more time- and labor-saving.

From 'washing' to 'protecting' to achieve zero wear on the fabric

With the arrival of a new wave of consumption, washing machines are not only a tool for washing clothes, but also given more meaning. Take the 80, 90 new people in our country as an example, they need to switch between multiple scenes and multiple roles every day. The fabrics of the dress also have various materials such as wool, silk, leather, etc., 'washing' becomes the basic needs of daily life, and the concept of 'protection' is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which also brings new tests for washing machine manufacturers.

In June of this year, Leader Weizhen washing machine launched a one-button induction washing technology for the care needs of the new people. This technology is combined with the exclusive 756 million power level smart washing program and 26 special stain washing program, which can improve the washing ratio of clothes. 10%, users can collect water quality, water temperature, weight, turbidity, humidity and other information through the mobile APP client, and automatically adjust the washing program through the integration of cloud big data to achieve simple and perfect smart care. At the same time, for prevention Oil, fireproof, waterproof, anti-wrinkle and non-iron fabrics and other fabrics with special functions, Leader Weizhen washing machine can also wash the net without hurting the clothes, bringing more leading users to the intelligent washing solution.

To sum up, the development and sublimation of human instinctive needs is the driving force behind social development. For enterprises, in the Internet age, human needs have also become the driving force behind the development of enterprises. Like the Leader Weiwei washing machine, it always starts from the subtle needs of users. The original inductive care technology frees users from the busy housework, brings high-quality fashion life to more users, and injects vitality into market innovation.