Apple sued for exaggerating Apple Watch scratch resistance

The most worrying aspect of electronic devices is that the screen will be scratched during daily use. This is why although screen protection glass is becoming more and more advanced, the film is still so popular. After all, glass is glass. You can't always put it. It blows like an iron wall.

According to foreign media reports, Apple has recently been sued by consumers for exaggerating the screen scratch resistance of Apple Watch. The plaintiff was a 21-year-old Canadian user named Dean Lubaki. Last September, Lubaki purchased the Apple Watch for the first time. 42mm ceramic version with Milan strap. Lubaki said that the magnet on the back of the Apple Watch attracted the magnetic part of the Milano ring, causing scratches on the device. This is a design flaw. When replacing the strap, the screen may also appear The same wear and tear, and Apple did not warn consumers of this situation.

Lubaki stated that he was trying to apply for a replacement watch at the local Apple retail store, despite the fact that AppleCare was still rejected. He then started a small lawsuit against Apple, requested a refund for Apple Watch Watch Edition and AppleCare +, and 'extra compensation. And punitive damages '. Lubaki said: 'Apple should not falsely claim that the product 'will not scratch' on the website or retail store. It is worth mentioning that Apple has expressed its willingness to replace watches for Lubaki for free, plus a free gift Accessories, but the consumer refused.