LG new sports smart watch or named Libre

Recently, the FCC document confirmed that LG is preparing two new smart watches. Although the official name of the brand has not yet been announced, the latest trademark applied by LG now gives some clues.

According to foreign media reports, on June 12th, LG obtained a new trademark certification in South Korea. The trade name is 'Libre' and describes that the trademark will be used for smart watches. 'Libre' in Spanish is The meaning of 'free', this may mean that LG's new smart watch will provide sports models, which is consistent with previous rumors.

According to FCC certification documents, the sports version may be a smart watch model LM-W319. In addition to a more robust structure, this model may also support the LTE function, allowing users to get rid of the mobile phone, and more freedom of movement.

Given that LG's new smart watches have passed FCC certification, LG is expected to announce the two new products in July at the earliest.