The Secret Behind Net Red | Puppy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Teaches You Fast |

In this era of net red, when the word 'net red' was brought up, the first thing that everyone thought in his mind was the glorious life, the long, white legs and beautiful skin, and a large number of fans. Red, actually, there are a lot of troubles you don't know...

After watching the video, is it similar to Kiki? Facing the various household garbage at home, he often has more than enough energy. Is there an urgent need for 'white' help?

From the outside, this puppy T10 Pro wireless vacuum cleaner is very much in line with the current young people's respect for the 'cold wind', the mirror effect embellishment appearance color, simple but not monotonous. Improve the traditional S-type air duct carrying 26CM long flat Suction function, can easily penetrate the gap, whether it is a large particle stubborn dust or aged dust can be extracted; large-capacity battery pack with pure imported batteries, not only small size and sound insulation is also very good; multi-brush head, can Adapt to different environments clean mode.

Puppy T10 Pro Wireless Cleaner Appearance

With 'Little White', family cleaning will no longer be annoying. Even if it is a hair ring or a cup of coffee hidden under a sofa, it is a piece of snack food... It can easily help you 'find' At the same time, as a decontaminable vacuum cleaner, it is also necessary to clean up bedbugs, contaminants such as dander, dust, etc.

Of course, during use, the noise of the puppy's T10 Pro wireless vacuum cleaner is also very low, so there is no need to worry about affecting the family's sleep. The extra thick soft fluff can also polish and protect the floor during the cleaning process.

In addition, the charging base of the puppy T10 Pro wireless vacuum cleaner has a storage function, and it is placed on the host, which not only saves space, but also can become an embellishment artwork.

Overall, the overall design is simple, and the sucker performs satisfactorily. The four different brush heads can meet the full range of cleaning needs of the family. Before the screen, you are already attracted by the 'white'. Miss NET Red Sister with the dog vacuum cleaner, quickly get it!