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With the increasing role of mobile devices in our lives, the frequency of tablet computers is getting higher and higher. Its large screen brings good results in watching videos, reading, and playing games. The use experience, therefore, is also favored by users of young fashion groups.

In fact, our demand for tablet computers is no longer just for simple applications such as surfing the Internet, watching movies, listening to songs, and more. We will also use tablet computers to handle some simple daily tasks. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the hardware performance of the tablet PC - let's take a look at what tablet PCs can meet our daily use requirements.

Apple iPad Mini 4

Speaking of tablet computers, I believe that many people will think of Apple's iPad series products - because not everyone likes large-sized tablet computers, so the iPad mini series is also popular, and it can even be said to pick up the small size tablet PC .

iPad mini 4 uses a dual processor - an Apple A8 as the main force, an M8 motion coprocessor to support the hardware design methods, it also supports acceleration sensors, compasses, gyroscopes and a new barometer, You can feel the number of steps, distance and altitude. It is simply an artifact for outdoor activities.

On the screen, the iPad mini 4's screen uses Retina Display technology, equipped with a 7.9-inch full-laminate display with a resolution of 2048x1536, enabling lighter, thinner, and better light transmission characteristics. In addition, the iPad Mini 4 The screen is also anti-grease and reflective, to experience first-rate. It is worth mentioning that, iPad Mini 4 also supports SplitView split-screen function, coupled with a Bluetooth keyboard, easy processing, some lightweight office tasks can also be competent .

Recommended reason: As a trend-setting product, the iPad mini 4 has a very good performance both in terms of design and product configuration. In conjunction with the outstanding software ecosystem of the iOS system, the iPad mini 4 can provide a great deal of entertainment and entertainment. Good experience. If you want to start with a small-sized tablet that can take into account both work and entertainment needs, the iPad mini4 is a good choice.

Cool Rubik's Cube KNote 5

Cool Rubik's cube KNote 5 is a Windows tablet product with good overall performance. As the flagship product of Rubik's Cube, this KNote 5 uses the magnesium alloy body material, together with the drawing process and circular arc chamfering process. Taking into account the cooling also provides a good feel, experience awesome.

Cool than Rubik's cube KNote 5's screen is very outstanding, it uses a 11.6-inch Full HD IPS full-fitting black diamond screen, can bring higher screen brightness and lower reflection rate, even during the day in the outdoor The use of the screen will not be clear. And it's color display effect of this display is also very delicate, use video games to see the game is also quite good.

In terms of configuration, cool than the Rubik's cube KNote 5 two-in-one Tablet PC equipped with a 14-nanometer Intel ApolloLake N3450 processor, 4 core 4 threads, clocked at 1.1GHz, Rui frequency up to 2.2GHz, in meeting daily needs At the same time, it also has a built-in combination of 4GB of operating memory + 128GB of storage, smooth experience and capacity requirements, very good.

Recommended reason : Cool than Rubik's Cube KNote 5 has excellent portability, can be divided into multiple forms and other product features, coupled with good hardware performance, enough to meet the user's work, learning, entertainment, a variety of needs, is a comprehensive performance is good Windows System Tablet.

Zhongbai EZpad 7S

The overall shape of the EZpad 7S in Zhongbai is very distinctive. Each contour line is very sharp, giving people a feeling of simplicity and no artificial ingredients. At the same time, Zhongbai EZpad 7s has a body size of 10.8 inches. The weight is about 680g, only the weight of a bottle of water, this shape is very easy to carry out, will not bring us carrying pressure.

Although Chinaplas EZpad 7s is just a thousand dollar Windows tablet, but its configuration is still quite good, it is equipped with a 1920 × 1080 resolution high-definition display, also equipped with Intel Atom x5 Z8350 processor, can provide More reliable computing capabilities allow it to handle more routine tasks and maintain lower power consumption and longer battery life.

It is worth mentioning that Zhongbai EZpad 7s is also equipped with a full-size magnetic keyboard, its key range is designed very reasonable, feedback is also very strong, and the body is also designed with integrated support, the largest open The angle is 90 degrees, let the tablet change the notebook seconds, assistant you to complete more work.

Recommended reason: Although the China cypress EZpad 7S is an entry-level Windows tablet, it is equipped with a high-definition display. Whether it is chasing dramas or playing games, it can bring a good user experience. With the use of the keyboard, it can also be used to manage some of the office. Tasks, like words, don't miss it.

Onda X20

Onda X20 Tablet PC equipped with a 10.1 inch resolution 2560 * 1600 retina screen, with 178 ° full-angle display, brings a very good visual enjoyment. Onda X20 also built an international first-line acoustic brand custom O-Box Stereo dual speakers to fully enhance your audio visual experience!

In terms of configuration, the Onda X20 has a Helio X20 processor with a single-core peak frequency of up to 2.3GHz. This processor brings even more powerful performance to the Onda X20 – with a stable and smooth Android operating system. It can run quickly, play live applications of the event.

In addition, the Onda X20 is also equipped with a Mali-T880 GPU image processor and 3GB of high-speed memory, and can smoothly run the popular football match game "FIFA Soccer World", whether it is waiting time before the game, or halftime, watching with friends, Side game, I'm not happy!

Recommended reason : Onda X20 equipped with Helio X20 10 core processor and 3GB high-speed memory, the performance is very good, smooth running game goes without saying, at the same time, its 10.1-inch Sharp 2K retina screen, 4G Netcom and other ultra-high configuration, will bring The new mobile audiovisual experience is a very good tablet.

to sum up: For tablet computers, users’ eyes are becoming more and more critical. People not only hope that it has a larger screen share, a more beautiful appearance, faster speeds, longer battery life, but also hope that it will have higher Cost-effective and excellent user experience. The four products brought by today are not only online in value, but also in performance configuration. If you want to change your tablet recently, don't miss it.