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In today's smart Internet era, personal office equipment is becoming more and more efficient and intelligent. Superbooks, pads, and mobile phones are gradually replacing traditional paper and pens. However, public office equipment seems to be lagging behind personal office equipment. Everyone meets together and still needs to pull out. Whiteboards are written on the board, or through wires such as HDMI. The audience can only hold pen and paper phones to record or wait for the minutes after the meeting. Can there be equipment to help us get rid of the shackles of cables and reduce the burden of demonstration or recording operations? Of course, the MAXHUB smart meeting tablet can meet the above two requirements. Poke me to learn more.

MAXHUB Standard Edition Smart Meeting Tablet

MAXHUB Intelligent Conference Tablet Standard Edition uses a 55-inch full HD screen, in addition to the screen anti-glare design, can effectively reduce the screen reflection, even if the light meeting can still maintain the clarity of the screen.

This product's wireless transmission function, only need to install the relevant driver when used for the first time, and then insert the wireless transmitter at the computer end, the screen and the sound in the computer can be synchronized to the intelligent conference board It should be noted that this wireless transmitter supports computers with Windows 7 and Mac OS10.10 and above with a USB 2.0 or higher Type A interface. The two-way control of the wireless screen allows direct control of the computer on the conference board. For example, the PPT demonstration will become more efficient. Of course, as mobile devices prevail, as long as the Android 5.0, iOS 8.0 and above operating system mobile phones, tablet and other mobile smart devices can access the smart conference panel launch WiFi, through the installation MAXHUB screen assistant application can realize the projection screen. In addition, the machine's annotation function can also help us to mark the contents of the demonstration at any time.

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Thanks to infrared touch technology, we can write directly on the conference tablet. Compared with humans, this smart gesture allows the user to erase the content like an eraser with the palm of the hand and move it with two fingers or three fingers. Content. In addition, the circle selection in the whiteboard, circle rubbing, and add/delete page function make it easier for us to have more clear and orderly contents.

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The Android system equipped with this intelligent conference tablet has been optimized for the conference scene and is easy to use. The MAXHUB conference tablet comes with 'Welcome' and other software that fits the needs of our business scene.

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Recommended reason: The MAXHUB smart meeting tablet standard edition uses a 55-inch full HD large screen, supports smart whiteboards, wireless projection screens, and other functions to break the logic of single-function products. It is believed that meetings can be made more convenient and efficient. Poke me to learn more.