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With the advent of the intelligent era, besides the increasingly lightweight and powerful functions of handheld smart devices, the freedom from the shackles of cable has also become a development trend in the smart era. Of course, wireless has also become a development trend in the office sector. Trends, especially intelligent conference panels that support wireless projection have become mainstream.

The smart meeting tablet product will open a new era of smart office. It has outstanding performance in intelligence, wireless and work efficiency. Here's to recommend a smart meeting tablet product with good competitiveness - MAXHUB Standard Edition smart meeting tablet, Poke me to learn more.

MAXHUB Standard Edition Smart Meeting Tablet

MAXHUB Standard Edition SC55MC equipped with a 55-inch full HD screen, using infrared touch technology to support the maximum 20-point touch. Meeting board comes with whiteboard software, in addition to the traditional whiteboard writing capabilities, but also added more human gestures operation , For example, palm erase, two-finger zoom, three-finger movement, etc. In addition, support for 10-step undo, page additions and deletions, etc., make us more unrestricted.

Of course, we highly recommend the wireless transmission function of the MAXHUB conference tablet. After installing the driver for the first time, simply insert the wireless transmitter into the USB port on the Windows 7 or Mac OS10.10 or higher operating system and type A on the USB 2.0 or later, and then Click on the sifter to drop the computer's screen onto the conference platter. It is worth mentioning that this wireless screen sifting function also supports the propagation of sound, ie we can synchronize the full video and audio to our conference. Tablet.

In addition, the MAXHUB conference pad supports up to 8 wireless transmitters. This means that if we have 8 people who need to display their own content, we can simply point and click on the wireless transmitter on our computer to rotate the conference. The content on the tablet is switched to the content on its own computer. Plus, the conference tablet supports touch return, we can control the computer on the conference tablet, which is simply convenient for PPT presentations and other scenarios.

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Of course, the MAXHUB tablet also supports wireless transmission of mobile phones and pads. It should be noted that mobile devices that support Android 5.0, iOS 8.0 and later operating systems can only achieve wireless transmission after installing the MAXHUB Transfer Screen Assistant application.

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Recommended reason: Through the wireless transmitter, you can realize the two-way operation of the screen and the computer. You can also use the two-dimensional code to directly scan the content and remove the boundaries between devices. If you want higher efficiency, MAXHUB Standard Edition is a good choice Poke me to learn more.