Old refrigerator VS fresh refrigerator | Ingredients fresh food effect in the end how much?

Preservation is the most essential function of refrigerators. The appearance of refrigerators provides people with food refrigerated, frozen space, and delays the process of food oxidation and dehydration. In the past few years, domestic refrigerators have been air-cooled, multi-doors, frequency conversion and other aspects. In 2018, however, refrigerator companies returned to the essence of refrigerators and began to re-discuss the preservation of refrigerators. The preservation of refrigerators can not only ensure natural and fresh taste of ingredients, but also ensure the health of ingredients. Then, an ordinary old The old refrigerator and a new type of fresh-keeping refrigerator in the food preservation in the end can be how much difference? In order to resolve this confusion, Jingdong appliance initiated a refrigerator preservation and sealing test.

On June 23, seven well-known refrigerator brands including Jingdong Household Appliances, Meimai, Siemens, and Meiling, opened a fresh-keeping refrigerator storage test with the theme of “freezing time, fresh locks” at Beijing Longde Plaza. Fresh-keeping refrigerators and two old refrigerators to maintain energy efficiency, launched a 15-day trial of food preservation and preservation.

For the function of the refrigerator, many consumers only stay in the cold, frozen level, not knowing that different refrigerators are not the same for fresh ingredients. In people's past concept, ordinary vegetables and fruits stay in the refrigerator for a week , Even if it does not spoil, it is also huddled.

However, in fact, many fresh refrigerators have been able to extend the shelf life of fresh ingredients. Sun Zhitao, general manager of Jingdong Electronic Entertainment Group's home appliances division, said that the purpose of this activity is to make it more accessible. Many consumers understand this, understand the function and technology of refrigerator preservation, and let consumers intuitively recognize the drawbacks of old refrigerators.

When it comes to the drawbacks of old refrigerators, many consumers may not be aware of them. First, the cooling effect of old refrigerators is not stable, and the temperature of foods will accelerate at the temperature of 'cold and hot'. The second is unsanitary, Even if the old refrigerator is cleaned every day, it will inevitably affect the mutual influence of food, the smell of bacteria, and the breeding of bacteria. Long-term use will threaten the health of the family.

However, these problems in the old refrigerators can be easily solved by the new preservation technology. According to the general manager of the Meiling Beijing branch, the refrigerators participating in the experiment have a water molecule activation and preservation technology, and have a good 0.1-degree frequency conversion. 990-4500 wide speed control, let food in a constant temperature, improve fresh freshness and taste. At the same time, 360 ° circulation air, anti-string odor, mild food cooling, more effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

At the event, under the leadership of the host, the heads of seven brands of Midea, Siemens, Meiling, Jinghong, Hisense, Samsung and LG put the prepared ingredients in new and old refrigerators and put seals on them. The sealing ceremony starts and the countdown is started. This also means that in the next 15 days, the nine refrigerators on-site participating in the sealing and preservation test will no longer be open until the opening of the new and old refrigerators on July 8th. .

It is understood that during the on-site fruit storage test, the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute will also carry out the vegetable fresh-keeping effect evaluation test of the new fresh-keeping refrigerators and the old refrigerators, and store the spinach and green peppers in fresh storage. The weight loss rate of the tested vegetables after 7 days will be vitamins. The C retention rate and chlorophyll retention rate are tested scientifically. The results of the evaluation will be announced at the same time of the opening ceremony on July 8. Consumers will not only be able to clearly understand the gap between the preservation effect of new and old refrigerators through professional data, but also have a very intuitive Photos, so that the majority of consumers can clearly see the daily changes in the refrigerator in the refrigerator every day.

Want to know how old the new and old refrigerators are in terms of fresh ingredients? In the end, please continue to pay attention to the relevant reports of the China National Grid. After 15 days, we will examine them together!