Albight Boomer 282 Two-armed Rock Drilling Trolleys: Improving the Efficiency of Mine Roadway Operation

As we all know, Atlas Copco Group announced in 2017 that it will split the business of mining and rock excavation technology from the group and set up an independent company – this is the Ambarpton Group. Since then, Abbott has inherited Atlas Copco's achievements in rock drilling, mining and other fields continued to serve customers in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources sectors in more than 150 countries.

Anboto Boomer 282 two-armed tunneling rig

Altopo focuses on providing its customers with productivity-enhancing, safe and cost-effective equipment, services and solutions. Among its many products and equipment, Boomer282 two-armed rigs are medium-sized with stable and efficient performance. The best choice for rock drilling in underground mine tunnels.

The equipment is suitable for a variety of drilling size requirements, designed for medium-sized roadways up to 8.7m*6.3m (width*height). Its tried-and-tested reliable design and universal control system ensure the high reliability of equipment, making Boomer282 Become the world's most prestigious two-armed hydraulic jacking drilling rig. It is equipped with a strong chassis that can be equipped with different engines to meet your different application needs. Its sturdy and durable BUT-type drilling boom has high efficiency and low failure rate.

Boomer282 is efficient, safe, stable, and is the world's most prestigious two-armed two-way drilling rig.

Boomer282 is suitable for a variety of drilling size requirements, providing a variety of optional configurations for various operating requirements.

Boomer282's rugged and stable parts provide you with the best combination of low cost operation and high productivity.

COP1800HD+ Series Rock Drill

The Boomer 282 is equipped with COP1800HD+ series rock drills. The double buffer system is highly efficient, highly penetrating, and offers excellent drill pipe economics. Its stroke setting can be adjusted to suit different rock conditions. 'HD' - heavy-duty head, easy to deal with Poor conditions. The '+' series rock drills increase recommended maintenance intervals by 50%, which in turn increases machine utilization and reduces operating costs.

Heavy duty BMH2000 type push beam

The Boomer 282 is equipped with strong aluminum beams with high bending and compression resistance, strong propulsion, up to 15kN, and an optional telescopic BMHT series of propulsion beams for cross-section driving.


Excellent visibility, rational and clear control panel layout, LED work lights and traffic lights to ensure safe operation.

At the same time, the Boomer 282 dual-arm tunneling rig has the characteristics of convenient operation and maintenance. She is equipped with a simple operation console and a convenient maintenance interface. It also has a FOPS-certified elevating security roof, so that in the narrow In mine lanes, protect the personal safety of equipment operators.

The Albufera Boomer 282 dual-arm tunneling rig is well-designed and has excellent performance. It focuses on the improvement of the production efficiency of rock drilling operations in the customer's mine roadway.