3999 yuan value for money! Mi Jia projector evaluation: create a perfect home theater

I. Preface: Millet's Ecological Chain Adds New Products

After launching the critically acclaimed laser television in 2017, Xiaomi Ecolink's Fengmi Technology also released the Mijiao projector for general users on May 28 of this year, and officially went public on June 1.

As Xiaomi's first projector product, the Mijia projector can project 40-120 inches of footage. It contains 2.07 million reflective lenses. It uses a new optical path design to increase the projection brightness by 5%. The light source is OSRAM's. P1W/A LED lamp beads, brightness of 800 ANSI lumens, can also bring a good viewing experience during the day, LED light source life of up to 10 years.

Mijia projector parameters are as follows:

For the parameters of the projector, do the following:

1, Projection ratio

The first one is because the projection ratio is an easily overlooked parameter indicator, but it is also very important.

The projection ratio refers to the ratio of the projection distance to the width of the projection screen, that is, the lower the projection ratio, the larger the screen size projected on the same projection distance. Currently, the projection ratio of mainstream projectors is between 1 and 1.9, and the projection ratio is low. In 1 is called short-focus lens, less than 0.6 is called ultra-short-focus lens.

For a projection ratio of 1.1:1 for the Miami projector, a projection distance of 4.9 meters is required to project a 200-inch screen. The width of a living room or room in most families is generally about 4 meters. The actual projection distance is practical. Less than 3.5 meters. In this case, blind pursuit of large-size projectors makes no sense.

2, brightness

Projector brightness has been ambiguous for a long time. The projector market is mixed and mixed. Some products in the market have 'swapped data' by confusing the concept of peak brightness, maximum brightness, and even using adjustment software to make the projection in the test state. Run higher numbers to sell points for promotion.

At present, most mainstream projectors use LEDs as the light source. Compared to the thousands of brightness values ​​in the light bulb era, the initial observation of the 800 lumens of the Mi projector may be somewhat lower, but the actual measurement is quite sufficient.

LED light sources can benefit from their inherent advantages, and the service life of high-pressure mercury lamps is usually only a few hundred hours. In the past, projectors often needed to change light bulbs, and the price of light bulbs was not cheap. The lifetime of LEDs reached tens of thousands of hours. Used for ten years. And the light bulb is hot, LED is very cold because of the cold light source temperature is very low.

3, contrast

Many manufacturers currently advertise 5000-20,000 contrast ratios, which are actually referred to as dynamic contrast. Dynamic contrast is the value obtained by comparing the brightest point of the entire display area with the darkest point. The result is higher than the static contrast ratio. Dozens of times or more, just a word game, not much reference value.

Compared with LED projection products, the FOFO contrast standard is the one that can truly reflect the contrast, that is, the ratio of the full white screen and the full black screen brightness of the test projector. The meter home projector adopts the FOFO contrast standard test to achieve a nominal contrast ratio. 500, whether enough to use the latter evaluation will explain.

4, resolution

Current projectors with a price below RMB 2,000 will rarely exceed 720p (except for some imaginary three-line brands). Above RMB 3,000, the resolution of 1080P is basically popular, and the price of projectors that reach 4K resolution is generally over 10,000 yuan. Now 50-inch LCD TVs can be 4K, and the mainstream projector is still 1080P. Many buyers are very concerned about this. In the end do we really need 4K resolution projector?

The first half of the picture is a picture of a domestic well-known video site 4K Avatar. The following picture is a 1080P picture (Hex code: 17500Kbps) suppressed by H264 encoding. The picture may be too small, it is difficult to see the difference, then we through the movement of the switch Look again!

From the comparison of the above motion pictures, it can be clearly seen that the iQiyi 4K picture is over-compressed, and the color is slightly distorted. The details are miserable and blurry. The high bit rate 1080P picture suppressed by the H264 code is obviously more vivid. Clear and sharp, more vivid colors, higher contrast.

Why is this? 4K's picture quality is not as good as 1080P!

There are two main factors affecting movie quality: Resolution and bit rate (most users only know the resolution). To suppress 4K Blu-ray movies with the most advanced H265 encoding technology, you need more than 35Mbps bit rate to ensure that there are enough The clarity, at this code rate, is about 32GB for a 120-minute blockbuster. Most video sites have a 4K movie capacity of only about 4GB and a code rate of less than 4Mbps. This quality 4K movie goes without saying with 1080P. Compared with the high-bit rate 720P movie, the picture quality is not superior.

Neglecting the code rate to talk about 4K is a kind of rogue behavior, although the domestic video broadcasting websites are basically the same. Excessive compression can make the capacity of the movie very small, but the more severe the compression, the greater the loss of picture quality, and the time of seriousness. There will be a lot of mosaics, stains, and distorted colors.

In addition, the current domestic mainstream 4K projectors have a projection ratio of around 1.7:1 (Acer H7850, BenQ TK800, etc.), and they can only project images with less than 80 inches at a distance of 3 meters. And this price can be bought. Good 75-inch 4K LCD TV, 65-inch LCD TV even more than 3,000 yuan, if you do not pursue the size, the projector will lose its value (100-inch LCD TVs are priced hundreds of thousands).

Before a friend asked to buy a 4K projector to cast 150 inches to see the World Cup with friends and family, and asked how to choose? I am here to answer him: Choose a good quality 1080P projector is enough.

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