Qualcomm: Creating more possibilities for Windows 10 PCs

On June 21st, 'Benevolence's Enjoyment - The Dragon Mobile PC Platform Windows Notebook Tasting' held in Beijing, Qualcomm and China Telecom, Microsoft, Asus, Lenovo, JD, 360 and iQiyi, etc. The system partners described the brand-new experience that the new category PC, the Windows 10 PC products supported by the Dragon Platform, can bring to consumers.

From left to right: Qualcomm Adrian Ong, Jing Dong, Ren Tao, ASUS Linzong Liang, China Telecom Lu Liangjun, Qualcomm Sanjay Mehta, Microsoft Hong Rong, 360 Yao Yao, Lenovo Youyue, Ai Qiyi Qiu Crystal, Lenovo Yellow Universe

Wu Shangjie, senior vice president of Qualcomm Technologies and president of QCT China, emphasized at the event: 'Always on-line, always-connected PC products supported by Xiaolong's mobile PC platform can provide users with a fast and convenient mobile computing experience, transforming users' Work and play style. We are very excited to collaborate with a wide range of ecosystem partners and bring new energy and opportunities to the PC industry.

According to Kang Rong, vice president and general manager of marketing and operations at Microsoft Greater China, “Microsoft has long been collaborating with Qualcomm. Windows 10 PCs with Qualcomm's platform are lightweight, efficient, and always online. The connected user experience allows them to enjoy the innovative features of Windows 10 anytime and anywhere. Microsoft and Qualcomm, Lenovo, Asustek and other partners are working together to create more innovations for our vast partner ecosystem by expanding the software and hardware platforms. Possible. '

According to the data from the PC industry, in recent years, PC consumers have changed their mentality and began to look forward to more mobile PCs and terminals. Because of their mobility, consumers have proposed a refined, thin product form, connectivity. And the requirements for excellent battery life. As early as the end of 2016 at the Microsoft WinHEC conference, Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies jointly announced the creation of an always-on, always-connected Windows PC using the Snapdragon mobile PC platform. Qualcomm Mobile The launch of the platform is dedicated to introducing the best features of smartphones to PCs, supporting better energy efficiency performance and mobility for Windows 10 PC products, thereby fully satisfying the growing demand of consumers. In the recent 2018 Taipei At the COMPUTEX 2018, Qualcomm also announced that it is always facing the always-on, always-connected PC field and has launched a new generation of Qualcomm Xiaolong 850 mobile computing platform.

Compared to traditional laptops, the Windows Mobile PC based on Snapdragon's mobile PC platform can support always-on, always-connected features, enabling longer battery life than the entire day, allowing users to enjoy the same instant-on ', 'Always updated' features, continuous, convenient, up to gigabit-rate connectivity, and even GPS-based location awareness. In addition, Snapdragon's mobile PC platform can support thin, elegant and innovative fanless PC designs for users. Provides a more portable and easy-to-use experience. Based on this, users can still have the strong productivity of the familiar Windows 10 operating system and run thousands of applications in the Windows App Store.

As we all know, for the PC product, the support of the ecosystem is very important. At present, the Snapdragon mobile PC platform Windows notebook has been supported by many ecosystem partners, so that consumers can use this new brand faster and more conveniently. PC category. For example, Microsoft released Visual Studio 15.8 at the recent Build 2018 Global Developer Conference. This new software development toolkit helps developers to create Windows PCs supported by the Snapdragon mobile PC platform. 64-bit ARM applications, to make full use of the always-on, always connected to the PC's powerful performance and long battery life. 360 APP and other APP developers optimized the APP for the Windows laptops supported by the Xiaolong mobile PC platform. Consistent use experience. 360 Technology has also developed a fast editing application that can fully exploit the features of the Snapdragon mobile PC platform. As a retail channel provider, JD.com can help consumers purchase a new category of PC through a one-stop shopping service. product.

In the technical exhibition area of ​​the event, the first commercial PC products carrying the Snapdragon mobile PC platform were presented for the first time - the ASUS 370 and Lenovo Miix 630 combo notebooks launched by Asus and Lenovo respectively. In the scene, the features of the Windows laptops supported by the Snapdragon mobile PC platform are fully connected, long battery life, thermal performance and Windows 10 experience. In the mobile era, you will choose a PC. To meet the needs of work, entertainment? The new Windows notebook computer supported by Qualcomm Xiaolong mobile PC platform will give you an unprecedented mobile PC new experience.