Boxi Home Appliances Continues Localization Strategy | Helping Consumers Upgrade

In the just-concluded 618 Universal Shopping Carnival, Bosch China's Bosch Home Appliances and Siemens Home Appliances performed well in the overall sales. Compared with the same period of last year, the online growth rate was 41%, an increase of 19%. Especially as a quality of life upgrade. As a leader, the sales of Bosch China brand in the category of dryers and dishwasher products are impressive. The sales volume of its sales units is approximately 90% and 55% respectively. The market is the sole criterion for testing products. With a dazzling performance laid the industry leading position.

While boasting impressive performance, Bossi China has also won many awards in the industry. In terms of product design and innovation, Bossi China is also highly praised. Siemens Home Appliances launched the Zero Plus Plus refrigerator on the door to win the 2017 German iF Design Award. , Bosch embedded microwave oven is harvested China's high-end appliances authority award Red Top Award category awards. In the after-sales service has won the 2015 China Household Appliance Service industry good service good reputation brand, 2012-2017 China Household Appliance Service Industry Jinding Award, 2017 China's home appliance service industry service satisfaction brand, 2018 annual consumer rights protection demonstration enterprise and many other honors.

Bossi China has achieved such excellent results. It is inseparable from the successful implementation of its localization strategy and its consistent implementation of the 'consumer-centric' service concept.

Rooting in the Chinese market and practicing the localization strategy

In 1994, Boxi Home Appliances entered the Chinese market. During the more than 20 years of deep development in China, it deeply implemented the localization strategy program. In-depth research during the product development process will also take into account the characteristics of the Chinese people's life and diet to create a more fitting China. The products demanded by consumers are continuously explored at the level of technological innovation. After several years of accumulation, the Chinese version of the 'Home Connect' program has been specially developed for Chinese users. It has also involved in the area of ​​e-commerce in the channel layout and opened the O2O business model for home appliances.

For Chinese consumers, eating habits are different from those of the West. Western-style dishwashers cannot fully meet the needs of Chinese household utensils. Therefore, Chinese dishwashers introduced by Boss China have transformed the dishwasher baskets and customized a series of Wash and clean the program, so that fish dishes and other easy-to-clean tableware are bright and clean; in the menu design of the oven products, the menu is divided into Chinese and Western styles. Consumers can choose according to their preferences, very intimate.

At present, Boshi China has seven major R&D centers in Nanjing covering many fields such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and kitchen utensils. With the second phase of the Zhangzhou Refrigerator Factory, the dishwasher plants have also been put into operation. China's deep development in the Chinese market has reached a new level.

With the rapid development of Internet business, Bossi China follows the pace of the market and actively deploys the O2O business model. In 2012, the official flagship store of Siemens Home Appliances entered Tmall Mall to open up online and offline channels to fully explore the new retail of O2O appliances; In 2018, the official flagship store of Siemens Home Appliances brand was officially launched in Jingdong Mall. After the user orders in Jingdong, the installation service can be directly reserved. Boxi China will provide customer service.

Consolidate after-sales service Optimize consumer experience

For consumers, not only products, but also service attitude and service spirit. “Consumer-centric” is the core service philosophy of Bossi China. In recent years, Bossi China has continuously improved its after-sales service system. Consumer experience, strive to improve the quality of after-sales service.

Boxi China adopts a 7*24-hour manual hotline service model to accept consumer installation, maintenance, consultation, and complaint service requests. It also uses the urban rapid response mechanism within 24 hours of the urban area and 72 hours in the suburbs. Customer's after-sales problem. At the same time, Bossi China has also expanded its online service capabilities, such as opening a WeChat service number, receiving online service applications and consulting, providing pre-sales consulting and after-sales service for major e-commerce platforms, etc. There is a common practice among Bossi China executives that they use weekends to visit consumers for face-to-face communication and understand the actual needs of consumers and feedback on products. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, 11 managers visited 45 Consumers. In the past 2017, 48 managers from Bossi China visited a total of 162 consumers in 11 cities across the country. Consumer-centric, deeply insightful consumer demand, the management of Boss Appliances Take practical action.

The diversified development of consumer upgrades and demand has brought new growth potential to the home appliance industry. With its continuous investment in R&D, technological innovation and its deepening localization strategy, Bosch China has always maintained a leading position in the industry. As an industry leader In the future, Boshi China will actively participate in the process of industrial change, strengthen its localized development layout, continuously improve service quality, continue to bring innovative products to Chinese consumers, help upgrade the quality of family life in China, and further promote Chinese home appliances. The healthy development of the industry.

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