Stable connection | Logitech R500 dual mode page pen review

I believe that you often see this embarrassing situation in various meetings, speeches, and classes: The lecturer is dying on the stage. When he is ready to switch the PPT on the next page, the time is forbidden, regardless of how the instructor presses his hand to turn pages. The picture is always kept still, and the students under the audience watch the lecturer clumsily 'tweak' on the stage.

Personally, I am a very serious person, and I cannot tolerate this 'open penalty' operation, so it is especially important to have a reliable page flip. Recently Logitech has launched a brand new turnaround Pen - R500, Although the reputation of Logitech products is good, I do not know how this new page flipper is.

Logitech R500's outer packaging is transparent plastic. The middle page turning pen body protrudes. It can be gripped directly to some extent to experience the shape of the page turning device without disassembling the package. The back of Logitech's intimate design is easy to pull, The pager can be removed by tearing along the raised edge, eliminating the hassle of opening the scissors.

We first look at the appearance of the Logitech R500. The whole body adopts a gray-black tone. The shell design is sleek. The bottom is made of hard matte plastic. The touch of the PBT keycap is very similar to that of the Logitech R500. It should be able to solve the problems of long-term use. The problem is that the surface of the fuselage is covered with rubber and has a stronger damping effect. However, it can still experience a smooth and smooth touch. The top and bottom of the page pen are very arcuate transitions. Comfortable, no hand-wringing situation. From the side, the R500 uses an ergonomic design. The angle of the bottom edge is gently increased from top to bottom. When used, four fingers can just fit the bottom undulation.

The top surface of the camera body has only three buttons, the page up/down keys, and the laser pointer, which are superfluous with no extra burden. The most frequently used 'next page' is designed to be the largest and placed in the middle position. When you pick up the page-turning pen, the thumb will naturally fall on the middle button. In fact, there is a very intimate small detail on the button to be praised. The middle of the largest page-down key is the concave design. In stark contrast to the upper and lower keys, even if the thumb is misplaced, it can quickly correct the position by the difference in key touch.

The page-turning pen is powered by a No. 7 battery. The battery comes with a random one. Remove the bottom cover to install the battery.

The Logitech R500's page flipper uses the 2.4G channel for wireless operation just like an ordinary pager. Remove the wireless transceiver located at the bottom of the camera and connect it to a computer. Plug and play, no need to install a specific driver. The three basic functions mentioned are mentioned. 2.4G has a longer transmission distance, greater bandwidth, and a more stable connection than a Bluetooth connection. It is a matter of course for various manufacturers to adopt this connection method.

Since the 2.4G receiver can be hidden at the bottom of the fuselage, the fuselage functions as a storage bag, which can greatly reduce the probability of accidental loss of the receiver. However, it is not afraid of 10,000, just in case, even if the receiver is good , Someone will lose the receiver. After all, it will be a fingernail-sized device. What should I do at this time? The page flipper will be replaced with new ones? Of course not, this page-turning pen can also support Bluetooth wireless. Connect. Press and hold the first 'Laser key' and the third 'Page key' at the same time, the page turning pen will enter the Bluetooth connection mode, and the indicator on the top of the page pen will flash until the Bluetooth pairing mode is correctly entered. It is able to perform Bluetooth pairing. The operating experience of Bluetooth connection and USB 2.4G connection is consistent, but the natural transmission distance between 2.4G channels is far, and the signal is more stable. It is recommended to use the 2.4G channel for connection.

R500 can support the use of Windows/Mac/iOS/Android multi-platform, and Logitech has developed an extended function software for Logitech Presentation. This software allows the three buttons of the page pen to have more functions. Supports Windows and Mac OS dual platform, download it from the Logitech official website.

The software's user interface is extremely concise, as is the general design of this page flipper. The software is mainly able to do a certain degree of 'customization' on these three buttons, and can be realized by long pressing the button, and can monitor the current battery in real time. Electricity, even alkaline batteries that cannot be charged can be monitored.

The functions of the two page turning keys are almost the same. After selecting, the corresponding function can be turned on. The 'laser key' at the top can set the countdown. After setting the presentation timer, when the PPT is placed on the big screen, it will be on the top left of the computer. The corner shows the timer reminder. However, the timer function is relatively simple, only the warning time or countdown reminder can be preset, and the countdown cannot be refreshed by flipping.

Explaining the effect of PPT's good speeches is not only to improve individual speech quality, but also to keep up with the hardware-level quality. The Logitech R500 is a product designed specifically for high-quality PPT presentations. Whether it is a simple button design, or 2.4G Bluetooth dual-mode operation, these are designed for excellent use experience, such a flip, he is real.