iQiyi TV Fruit 4G Release | Subvert Intelligent Hardware Model Innovation

Only two months later, iQiyi TV produced another new fruit. On June 21st, iQiyi TV 4G new product was released at headquarters, compared with 4K TV released two months ago. , This time, the astuteness of TV 4G is that: Well, you already think about traffic.

In April of this year, the release of TV 4K enabled the artificial experience of watching TV on the screen. However, this release of TV 4G not only upgraded the screen-casting experience of artificial intelligence, but also featured AI screencasting, 4G broadband, Multiple routes such as mini routing are used to meet the diverse needs of users.

Minimalist design style, powerful hardware performance, 4G and Wi-Fi dual mode free switching intimate experience, let iQiyi TV 4G whether shared at home, or short-term rental, office conference, exhibition, travel Under more scenarios, subvert the user’s perception of the entertainment experience anytime and anywhere.

China National Grid Reporter was informed at the conference that TV 4G took the lead in integrating the 4G network with artificial intelligence. It was the first projector to support 7-mode and 16-band projection. This means that inserting a mobile phone SIM card can be done through 4G. Network, 4K ultra high-definition video into a large screen smooth viewing, can also be used as a wireless hotspot to connect more devices online entertainment, with cross-border innovation to further expand the imagination of TV entertainment scene.

It can be said that TV 4G is very smart and capable. Under the premise that 4G networks can be used to connect mobile phones, as a user, it is certain that 4G traffic will not be enough, and it may be generated by the use of TV 4G. More traffic to pay the bill. Obviously this is a pain point, but the astuteness of TV 4G is that you have already solved the traffic problem for you.

At present, there is an explosive growth in domestic consumption of traffic, and there is a clear trend in traffic cost reduction. The use of more and more user traffic is no longer confined to mobile phones. The use of devices such as TVs, PCs, and smart hardware has become a trend. From the second half of 2018, domestic Operators will enter 'Unlimited traffic ' In the era, iQiyi TV 4G took advantage of the trend, and reached a strategic cooperation with China Mobile and Jingdong to launch a nationwide, unlimited-flow valued 'jelly card' package. The pre-stored 399 yuan will be available for 4G one TV set and open service package. The monthly fee is 0 yuan, and the first 2 months are only 49 yuan. You can enjoy domestic calling 500 minutes and unlimited traffic in the country.

Through this move, in the intelligent hardware model, iQiyi TV has created a new model for changing the future entertainment experience: From the traditional hardware services to the 'trinity' service model: Operator service - namely, the value of jelly Card, new intelligent hardware---artificial intelligence screencast TV fruit, iQiyi VIP content rights.

TV Fruit 4G retail price is 499 yuan, from now on Jingdong Mall and Jingdong House online and offline open booking, on June 26 officially released, TV versions are currently sold with iQIYI VIP, follow-up to provide more VIP Service. TV Fruit also reached a strategic cooperation with in the R&D, sales and promotion of the product, combined with online and offline scene marketing, and both parties reached a sales target of 1 million units in the coming year.