Brazil's second game starts soon | TCL refrigerator washing machine hand in hand with Nemar Goes forward

At 2 o'clock on the 18th, Beijing time, the first round of the World Cup E Group Brazil against Switzerland in Rostov launched a contest, although the results of the game is regrettable, but Neymar's performance on the field is still remarkable, TCL refrigerator washing machine Will continue to accompany TCL global brand ambassador Neymar Going forward, looking forward to his next performance!

Repeatedly besieged Neymar never give up

This is a game of slaughter Neymar! 'After watching the game with Brazil's hard-fought against Switzerland, the fans concluded. In this game, the Swiss players used most of the fouls on Neymar and blocked the Brazilian's top card. This advancement also reflects Neymar's position on the greenfield. TCL Washing Machine, like Neymar, continues to innovate in technological breakthroughs, allowing TCL washing machines to continue to occupy the high ground of competition and win the attention of the industry and the market.

From pollution-free washing machines, to pollution-free drum washing machines, to dirt-free barrel-in-barrel washing machines, TCL washing machines became the creators of the solution for free-spitting systems, the makers of standards for contaminant-free washing machines, and Chinese light industry workers. Federation’s first featured certifier.

This year TCL washing machine brand new upgrade 'free from pollution +' product brand strategy, for users to create smart health cleaning experts. Its launch of TCL pollution-free washing and drying one drum washing machine has 100% free pollution: thoroughly bid farewell to solid pollutants (lint, Hair, Metal, Oxide, etc.) and Bacteria (Bacteria Microorganisms), 100% healthy care for all-round decontamination; And the whole process of washing is free of dirt, no separate procedures are required, and the process of eliminating stains is convenient and easy to worry; Within the product life cycle , No matter what the time, it will always be dirt-free. It will not cause pollution during use. Never worry about washing your clothes again. Not only that, TCL Contaminant-free washing machine uses the first low-temperature quick-drying condensing washing and drying machine. , Achieve 40 minutes speed washing and drying, 50 degrees low temperature drying protection. Motor, fan BLDC dual conversion technology, 45 dB quiet washing, speed up to 1400 rpm, support for long-term efficient and smooth operation of the washing machine; more T-DI intelligent precision automatic The delivery system, which was added at one time to meet the user's need for washing in January, is so many outstanding advantages that the TCL pollution-free washing machine has become one of the industries like Neymar. Star.

Performance is dazzling

Throughout the game, Neymar, despite being sworn in by the Swiss players, nevertheless demonstrated its absolute strength. The gorgeous and slick technical moves, the rapid and sharp dribbling breakthroughs, have repeatedly exerted great pressure on Switzerland against the defense. The post-game data can also be seen, Neymar's score is ahead of the game, which is just like the TCL refrigerator. The strength of fresh ingredients in the food can not be underestimated.

TCL Refrigerator's integrated inverter technology is combined with intelligent air-cooled and frost-free technology to achieve 2-minute quick-cooling 1°C. It can quickly lock the authenticity of ingredients, allowing users to enjoy the fresh taste of fast-cooling foods; The technology of negative oxygen ion rejuvenation can provide 360 ​​degrees of maintenance for food ingredients. The water lock rate of fruits and vegetables is more than 90% for 7 days. With TCL integrated variable-frequency air-cooled refrigerators, the natural taste of ingredients is retained, and you feel it as if Mar's inner strength!

At the same time, TCL refrigerator 100% from the outside to the inside to achieve the perfect storage of food ingredients, as Neymar as both inside and outside, do not miss a trace of omissions. In the TCL integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator, with a full range of AAT intelligent degerming system , 91.17% of E. coli in the refrigerator is removed by AAT+ smart wind; External anti-mildew Class 1 antibacterial door seal is used, and the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus can reach 99%; Anti-bacterial handle, truly create a chain of wisdom and healthy life from shopping, storage to three meals a day.

After the first battle, the journey will continue, TCL refrigerator washing machine will also go along with Nemar Majestic forward to witness the legend. In this summer, please continue to shout for Neymar, TCL refrigerator washing machine to accompany you to summer!