How does the summer air conditioner choose? Hisense X gives you a comfortable new experience

Summer, Air conditioning, WiFi, Watermelon, This is definitely a must-have tool for summer, What kind of things do you enjoy now? No summer air conditioning WiFi watermelon is not complete! If you want to choose the same, I think you will surely Air conditioning, after all, is hot, cool is the first!

Then, the problem has come! Air conditioning is a popular artifact for people to enjoy, but the purchase of air conditioners also plagues many consumers. What brand is better? How to choose between frequency conversion and fixed frequency? How large is the number of horses to use?

The following Xiao Bian take everyone to see how to buy a specific home air conditioner.

Air conditioning type and appearance

There are many types of air conditioners, such as wall-mounted air conditioners and cabinet air conditioners. The types of air conditioners can be selected according to the actual situation. Currently, vertical air conditioners have largely entered the family's living room, master bedroom, etc., and are relatively affected. welcome.

In terms of appearance, as the traditional vertical air conditioner is larger in size and more noticeable, it will affect the decoration style of the house. Therefore, the appearance of the air conditioner is also a problem that the user needs to pay attention to, and the air conditioner that can harmonize with the house decoration style is selected.

The appearance of Hisense's male X air-conditioner subverts the design of traditional cabinet-type air conditioners. Based on the golden ratio split waist design, it creates the most comfortable visual experience. At the same time, the touch buttons at the waist are more convenient to operate.

Check air conditioning horses

The air-conditioning horsepower represents the cooling capacity of the air-conditioner, which is the size of the cooling capacity. The stronger the cooling capacity, the greater the number of horses. If the living room is large, the purchased air-conditioning power is too small to be suitable. The second bedroom is generally used for 1P. Air conditioning, the master bedroom can choose 1.5P, and the living room and other large rooms are generally selected 2P air conditioning. If it is a villa or a large room can choose 3P or 5P air conditioning.

Compare frequency conversion and fixed frequency

Fixed frequency air conditioning to meet the basic cooling and heating functions, affordable, but the use of power for a long time is higher than the inverter air conditioner. The fixed frequency air conditioner controls the indoor temperature through frequent switching, and automatically shuts down when the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature. When the temperature rises and restarts, the noise is large, and power is consumed at startup. Inverter air conditioners rely on automatic stepless speed change to automatically control the air conditioning according to the conditions of the room, thus ensuring constant temperature, saving energy, cooling and heating. Fast speed, long running power saving effect is more obvious.

Since the birth of the first inverter air conditioner, Hisense has independently passed several core frequency conversion technologies over more than 20 years, gained thousands of national patents, and has also won the trust of global Hisense users.

Hisense X-Cool adopts a dual-mode frequency conversion technology patented by the state to optimize the problem of high energy consumption during the start-up phase of the air conditioner. It saves more power than ordinary inverter air conditioners, and is more power-efficient than normal constant speed. Determine the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, make the compressor automatically find the most suitable operating frequency, ensure the energy saving effect under the premise of satisfying indoor cold and heat demand, reduce the high energy consumption generated by high-frequency start-up operation when the ordinary inverter air conditioner starts, and fundamentally Solve the hot and cold phenomenon, use more comfortable.

Look at air-conditioning energy efficiency

Energy efficiency rating is an important reference factor for the energy-saving level of air conditioners. Household air conditioners adopt new energy efficiency labels in accordance with relevant national requirements. The energy efficiency grades are mainly divided into 1-3 levels. Level 1 has the highest energy efficiency, and the product is the most energy-efficient, followed by level 2 and level 3 More power consumption.

Hisense air-conditioning is quieter, energy-saving, power-saving and other internal control standards than the national standard, designed to bring consumers a better and more comfortable life experience! And Hisense male X air conditioning was recently selected in the China Refrigeration Society energy-saving environmental protection products, show Its excellent innovation and technology.

Focus on comfort, health

More and more people are pursuing a high quality of life. When they purchase air conditioners, they not only care about energy saving and power saving, but also their comfort is a focus of attention. If they work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, they learn, because the space is relatively confined, and the air does not circulate. Uncomfortable, it is easy to suffer from various 'air conditioning diseases'. Therefore, air conditioning that can take into account comfort and energy saving is a good air conditioning!

As a representative product of the third generation of comfort inverter air conditioners, Hisense male god X air-conditioner's intelligent temperature and humidity dual control function can combine humidity and temperature, and control the humidity in human comfort through functions such as humidification and dehumidification. , Hisense's 360° air-conditioning technology used in the X-Cooling Air Conditioner not only achieves a full-range air supply, but also creates a 'wind-fighting' and 'wind-shelving' model based on the needs of different groups of people. It is more humane. On the smart somatosensory, indoor and outdoor machine independent self-cleaning function, to meet consumer demand for comfort, improve overall quality of life.

When the air conditioner is hot, how can you solve the problem? Air conditioning is the only option. When purchasing air conditioners, besides paying attention to the above matters, you must also select strong companies, high brand awareness, and perfect after-sales service to avoid worries.