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Driven by smart technology, the 3D era has come, and as the cornerstone of the 3D era, 3D data is sweeping across industries and unconsciously changing our lifestyle. But for companies, they want to be in this 3D era. To seize more market share, then choosing a good 3D scanner is critical. If there is a high-intelligence, high-precision, high-fidelity, high-efficiency scanner, I believe it will become a new favorite for many people. , Such as building blocks easy to take this handheld 3D scanner - 'magic wand'.


overall appearance

The magic wand 3D scanner is designed with ivory and black as the overall design. It mixes and modulates extraordinary temperament; elegant appearance, stylish atmosphere and minimalist design. At first glance, it looks like a magic wand in a magical world. It has a sense of futuristicity and technology. .

Show details

The surface of the scanner is smooth and translucent. The design meets the uneven surface of the gesture. The curve is smooth, and it is not easy to slip off. It is thoughtful and thoughtful. With the black design on the top and bottom, the fashion sense is upgraded.

The front side is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel industrial camera and a white LED lamp for projection, which can collect the texture of the object. It uses a high-power LED lamp bead, with an illuminance greater than 4,000 candelas, equivalent to 4,000 candles lit up to one meter away. Irradiate 1 square meter of brightness.

The measuring lens is a customized compact product. It adopts high-precision glass lens. It has strong temperature adaptability and is not easily deformed under high temperature. The measurement accuracy is high and the distortion rate is less than 0.1%. It can be used for industrial-grade shockproof processing, and the working environment is adaptable.

The bottom edge is provided with a wire socket, the shape of the socket is simple and concise, set in this position to facilitate the operator's scanning operation, flexible application.

This magic wand scanner has an accuracy of 0.1mm, a resolution of 0.5mm, a weight of 0.7kg, and a volume of 270cmX115cmX85cm. It is light and compact in size and practical. It is easy to operate, and it is very suitable for users' actual needs.

function test

No sticking, smart, convenient and quick

No preparation, direct scanning, automatic calibration, no damage to scanned objects.

Color model, real-time capture, WYSIWYG.

Original video address: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzY3NTI1ODYyNA==.html?spm=a2h3j.8428770.3416059.1

High scanning accuracy, 1:1 high fidelity reduction

Accuracy up to 0.1mm, synchronization accuracy up to 0.0001 seconds, enabling fast scanning movements, optical non-contact scanning.

Original video address: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzY3NTI2MTU2MA==.html?spm=a2h3j.8428770.3416059.1

Model scanning integration process

Model scanning integrated processing flow, can output high-precision, high-fidelity texture model data, provide low-cost, high-quality and perfect after-sales service system.

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Application area

Pan Furniture, Wenbo, Crafts, Industrial Inspection, Industrial Design, Repair, Medical, Body Scan...

Through the above evaluation experiments, it can be seen that the magic wand 3D scanner subverts the traditional scanning equipment on the market, adopts advanced feature matching of geometric features + texture features, space coding and color coding, and does not require general objects. Adhesive marker points; can simultaneously acquire accurate three-dimensional structure of furniture, collect real textures, and separate materials; scan speed is fast, collecting 10 to 15 point clouds per second; free and flexible handheld operation, especially suitable for inconvenient objects The scene.

In addition, this scanner is also very cost-effective, both stylish appearance, but also has amazing scanning processing capabilities, all aspects are people worry and effort, so, this is definitely a good helper to start modeling without hesitation .