Casa Di released PLUS version of Fiber See: 7 new exclusive treatments for air wash

On June 20th, 'Integrated Ecology, Creating WE's' new product experience interactive event was held in Chengdu. Casa Di Washing Machine launched the brand-new product Fiber Vision PLUS debut. FiberView PLUS realized an upgrade from 10kg to 15kg in capacity, larger The capacity of the drum can provide a more stretched care space for the clothes. In addition, the Fiber Plus PLUS has iterated over the air wash in terms of interface, procedures, capacity and care, etc., with the addition of cotton, wool, silk, feather, shirt, Leather, large-size 7-piece exclusive care program for high-end fabrics, coupled with IOT recognition to understand the 'identity' of the clothes, the brand new Fibrex PLUS air wash can provide exclusive care for every piece of clothing. Creating a professional air wash, Casa Emperor truly meets the exclusive care needs of high-end families.

With the increase of advanced demands of high-end households, large-scale clothing and high-end fabrics in the home also require further cleaning and care effects. For example, winter wool quilts, duck quilts, precious Icelandic quilts and other high-end private household items are needed for care; High-end fabrics such as fragile, delicate silk machine washing can easily cause irreparable damage to the fiber; at the same time, machine washing in the clothing winding, machine washing folds after clothing have caused damage to the clothing fiber and affect the appearance of the upper body and other issues. Emperor Fiber sees PLUS air washing to achieve exclusive high-end clothing care, through the large inner cylinder, precise temperature control, FPA custom motor, variable frequency fan and other original technology to create a new fabric care solution for global high-end homes.

In the latest launch of the Fibrlink PLUS, Casa Imperial installed air-cleaning on the first-level menu interface over the touchless touchscreen. Along with washing and dry cleaning procedures, users can freely select the air wash mode and use one-click convenient controls. Sadie S-level compatibilizer inner cylinder, 15KG home care capacity for wool quilts, duck quilts, Icelandic velvet quilts and other difficult-to-wash high-end home appliances for the first time exclusive family air wash care; air wash smart formula based on different fabrics Understand the automatic adjustment of nursing procedures, and take care of every fiber of high-end fabrics. At the same time, Fibres PLUS creates a multi-dimensional breathing fluffy care method to avoid local winding of the clothes in the tube, allowing each fiber to breathe fully. Iron structure ', will iron clothes, even if the silk products can be washed directly after the upper body; FPA exclusive custom super torque motor, instantaneous speed, efficient care of clothing; EC variable frequency fan to soft and efficient drying, open a new realm of protection.

At the event, Mr. Ding Laiguo, deputy general manager of Haier's care industry, shared the high-end clothing fabric care art with the audience. He said that in the face of today's family needs, the function of the washing machine is more than just a cold one. Clean machines, but should be 'family partners' to help users improve their living conditions, so the relationship between brands and products will also be transformed into 'mutual achievements'. This is also the 'convergence of ecology, creating WE' to experience new product interactions. Activities determine the original intention of the subject.

In the global care industry, Casa Di's new iteration of Fibres PLUS upgrades nursing technology on fiber washing machines. Through original smart technology and hardware design upgrades, Casa Di makes every care for the high-end fabrics. Fiber, in the high-end user life level upgrade and consumption cognition upgrade above again to redefine the high-end quality of life. This is the new standard of care Casa Imperial again established, is the future of the high-end industry, the inevitable development of the washing industry.