Casa Di Washing Machine Releases 2019 Global Fabric Care Trends

On June 20th, 'Integrated Ecology, Creating WE to Come,' Casa Di New Product Experience Interactivity was held in Chengdu. During the event, the international high-end home appliance brand Casa Di announced three major trends in global fabric care for 2019: high-end cloakroom, professional air wash, Eco-friendly clothing. One-time launch of Fibrous PLUS washing machine, upgraded clothing care agent, and eco-friendly new 3 system laundry care solutions not only define once again the technical innovation and product iteration direction of the world's high-end washing machines, but also further the global fabric care. The trend indicates the direction.

From washing machine products, nursing solutions, nursing ecology to a full upgrade of the 'fabric care' art. As you can see, as the world leader in high-end home appliances, Casa di is no longer satisfied with the original invention of technology on product hardware, consumer trends Continuing to lead, but also escalated to the user's high-quality, high-taste lifestyle and lifestyle trends defined and dominated. This is also the world's first home appliance industry completed by the hardware invention, service creation to the ecological definition of the era brand.

WE comes and is defined and led by Casa Di

From the concept of “careful dreams and dedication to each other's achievements” in 2017, 'convergence of ecology and creation of WE' will become a new trend in the development of the washing industry. The protagonist will no longer be the century-old companies in the European and American markets. It is an innovative brand from China that is full of vitality and passion.

Standing on the mid-point node in 2018, this time Casati is aiming at a new future of industrial ecology under global integration. WE takes the first letter of the west and east, highlighting the new image of 'world-class high-end brand' in the context of globalization. Advocated that the new future: not only attracted relevant practitioners including dealers, media, and industry, but also led to the onlookers and hot discussion of the world's two major industries of washing machines and fabric care.

The Casa Di's newly upgraded 'fabric care' program has become the biggest focus of cross-border transition in the industry. Because traditional washing machines only focus on the cleanliness level, in the face of continuous consumption upgrades, a series of high-end fine fabrics Large damage caused by washing becomes a new pain point for users. Casa Di was first introduced in the industry as a 'Cleaning and Care in One' mode, which subverts the single washing method of fabrics into the overall solutions for washing machines, detergents, and ecological integration.

Multiple surveys and surveys show that in the current washing method of traditional washing machines, the proportion of washed clothes is as high as 10%. 'Wearing new clothes once in a few times is washed away with a washing machine; "The explosion'; silk, cashmere and other high-end fabrics sent to the laundry and time-consuming labor ... ... user needs to health, quality changes, 'Our innovation in technology and product upgrades around this change.' Activity site, the relevant person in charge Casati Say this.

Actually, Casa Di did not only create the direction and trend of the future development of high-end washing machines, but also initiated the innovation direction of the industry from the upgrade of electric appliances to network equipment in the context of the Internet to the Internet of Things. It is based on the user as the center. As a link to build a new nursing new ecology.

The future has come and the world has built Casa Di Care Ecological

Original technology is difficult, but even more difficult is the fusion of originality. WE is the future, although it is the curtain that Casa Di opens, but it is relying on the integration of global innovation resources and strength. In recent years, based on user needs, Casa Di Iterate new products, upgrade high-end clothing care experience, and more importantly, integrate global innovation resources for my own use.

For example, to solve the problems of shoddy washing and cross-coloring problems, to identify the color of the clothes, materials, and to realize the exclusive identification of the exclusive care products. For example, the original micro-vapour molecular treatment is aimed at high-end fabrics such as cashmere and goose down, etc. Washing, the third way to dry care outside the dry cleaning - air wash. Behind this series of innovations, it focuses on the resources and power of Casa Di in the seven major innovation centers in the world: From Italy, USA to Japan, China, Respectively take the strongest technological innovation resources, focus on users to solve the biggest pain points. Finally, achieve global innovation and build Casa Di nursing ecology.

Do not stop at existing innovations. In the first debut of Fibrium PLUS, Casa Di successfully rehearsed the air to create a professional-grade air wash. Oversized S-level complimented inner cylinder, 15KG home care capacity. Wool quilts, Icelandic duvets and other household items that are difficult to machine wash can also get exclusive family air wash care; air wash smart formula can automatically adjust the air intake, air flow, water temperature and other procedures according to different fabrics, and carefully care for every place of high-end fabrics. Fiber; FPA exclusive custom super torque motor, instantaneous speed increase, high efficiency care; EC variable frequency fan to soft and efficient drying, open a new realm of dry clothes; and innovative multi-dimensional breathing fluffy care, so that each fiber is fully breathable, so that clothing care After the new texture like a new stretch, a new look.

Relying on in-depth insight into user demands and technological innovation, Casa Di realizes the continuous upgrading and unbounded integration of eco-innovation results. The FiberView PLUS washing machine, an upgraded version of the clothing care agent and eco-friendly products, brings three major upgrades to high-end fabric care. The three-level full-coverage program for fabric care products, care solutions and sanitary care, and through the scenes of high-end cloakrooms, presents a complete set of laundry care solutions from laundry to clothing protection. With the help of the 'Cloakroom + Laundry Room' With the solution, the user can realize one-stop clothing care at home and completely abandon the traditional washing methods. It truly achieves the ultimate high-end clothing care experience, allowing users to enjoy the elegant and elegant quality of clothing life.

In response to user demand from clean function to product quality, diversification, and quality upgrade, Casa Di, a global washing machine leader, has been leading the industry with innovative products and technologies. Today, Casa Di new products and The publication of the trend of global fabric care in 2019 will open up a new era of high-end clothing 'care ecology' for global consumers.