Fresher power saving more silent | Frequency conversion refrigerators have these advantages

Speaking of frequency conversion, everyone will think of air-conditioning, inverter air-conditioning benefits, comfortable and environmentally friendly and energy-saving, so many people will choose to change the air conditioning inverter air conditioner. So what is the inverter refrigerator?

Compared to air conditioners, the name of the inverter refrigerator seems to shout not so loudly. In fact, many people nowadays choose the inverter refrigerator without exception when replacing the refrigerator. Is this again related to the power saving of the inverter refrigerator?

Inverter refrigerators do save power, and compared to non-energy-saving refrigerators, its electricity can save 60%, and can even effectively reduce the noise of 10%, which has become a popular reason.

However, the inverter refrigerator can not only save power this advantage. The refrigerator as a household appliance that requires 24 hours boot, not durable, but the inverter refrigerator has a longer service life than the ordinary refrigerator. Because the inverter refrigerator uses low speed operation The compressor operates at a low speed when the temperature of the refrigerator is constant, which not only reduces the noise, but also reduces the loss caused by repeated compressor start-up to the compressor and reduces the probability of maintenance.

At the same time, the inverter refrigerator can intelligently distribute the cooling capacity according to the amount of ingredients in the refrigerator, reduce unnecessary power consumption, reduce the temperature fluctuation of the refrigerator, and avoid problems such as food dew, dehydration and dryness, and better preservation of food.

Midea's inverter refrigerator is a popular item in inverter refrigerators. First, its large capacity of 525 liters can meet the needs of large families. It is 323 liters of refrigeration plus 202 litres of frozen food.

As a large-capacity refrigerator, it does not have the power consumption of people's imagination. This refrigerator needs less than one kilowatt a day. According to the electricity price in a big city, it costs 7 cents a day, compared to those that consume energy. Three or four-day refrigerator, the United States this refrigerator can save you hundreds of dollars in one year.

The reason why it saves electricity is thanks to its intelligent dual-conversion system. Midea's dual-conversion system consists of an inverter compressor and a variable-frequency fan. The former is responsible for on-demand cooling, the latter is responsible for regulating the wind speed, and the double inverter can make the temperature of the refrigerator. Smaller fluctuations make the refrigerator's preservation effect even higher.

Thanks to the intelligent frequency conversion system and double-circle surround air cooling, this refrigerator not only saves electricity, but also keeps it fresh and frost-free. With it, you don't need to worry about smashing ingredients in the fridge, and you don't need to take great efforts to eliminate it. Cream, it can be said to be very convenient.

The function of such a refrigerator, the value of Yan will certainly not be bad! This refrigerator uses the noble atmosphere of the interstellar silver color assisted by the drawing process, the texture at the same time non-slip wear resistance, not easy to dirty.

If you are still guarding your home’s “electric tiger” refrigerator, besides enduring the noise of it, you have to spend a lot of time to defrost every day. Then quickly change your energy-saving and environmentally-friendly inverter refrigerator and save it. The electricity bill and time are used to do more meaningful things.