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Imagine if you were bothered by the disorganized and unorganized wire in the conference room, whether you were drowsy to turn off the lights, or you couldn't easily take it away because of the meeting minutes. Whether or not these various circumstances make you feel that meeting is an inefficient and tiring task. In fact, to achieve higher meeting efficiency, an intelligent meeting tablet is particularly important. MAXHUB's standard smart meeting tablet product, Poke me to learn more.

MAXHUB smart meeting tablet

The MAXHUB standard conference board has a full-HD anti-glare screen. Even if the room is on, the contents can be displayed clearly, and the situation of fainting and falling asleep after turning off the lights can be reduced. Moreover, the multi-channel annotation function built into the conference panel is also available. , easy to annotate the content of the show at any time.

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MAXHUB Standard Edition also adopts the function of wireless screen design. With simple operation, it can get rid of wire troubles, and it also supports black technology with two-way operation. Its digital whiteboard function can support handwriting and pens. Two comfortable methods, can directly annotate the presentation, easily draw the focus, clearly convey the content of the meeting, also support the gesture design of erasing the back of the hand, freely erasing the content on the whiteboard, the operation is convenient and more efficient.

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In traditional meetings, participants need to prepare corresponding recording equipment. After the meeting, they need to organize their own records. This is inefficient and easy to miss. The board and notes on the MAXHUB conference board can be scanned. The QR code is reserved, which not only allows participants to concentrate on listening during the conference, but also ensures the integrity of the conference notes and effectively communicates the content of the conference..

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MAXHUB Standard Edition is equipped with a conference interaction system based on Android development. The entire operation interface has been optimized for the conference scene. It is easy to use. The software “Welcome” included in the MAXHUB conference tablet is also very practical in daily business reception scenarios. .

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In this diversified and open era, MAXHUB breaks the logic of single-function products, integrates high-quality display, touch writing, wireless transmission, and other functions. Whether it is real estate, finance, medical care, business, manufacturing, etc. Play a powerful role. It can be said that if you want to get rid of the trouble of opening the 'black', trouble arranging messy wire, and do not want to manually remember related content, MAXHUB standard meeting board is a good one. s Choice, Poke me to learn more.