Jingdong Heavy-duty UAV off the line! Express speed will be further accelerated

For all of us, yesterday must have been a very memorable day. Many people have waited until the zero point only to grab products that have long been fancy. I believe that this year we have also contributed a lot to major e-commerce platforms. Just after 618. On the second day, Jingdong Group's chairman and executive officer made a series of pictures on Weibo and stated that Jingdong’s super-heavy drone project was formally established.

Nowadays, more and more consumers are interested in online shopping. According to statistics, in the promotion of JD.com platform from June 1st to 18th, the accumulated amount of platform orders reached 159.2 billion yuan. Such a large consumer group also makes online shopping. Another problem that arises is highlighted - how to make logistics more efficient.

In response, JD.com started a study on UAV logistics and hoped to solve the logistics problems encountered by medium drones. The payload of this heavy-duty UAV can reach 5 shields and support. It has a long-range flight distance of more than 1,000 kilometers and possesses 100% independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, the Jingdong Super Heavy Duty UAV project has been formally approved. It is expected that the drone's effective payload can reach 40 to 60 tons, and over 6000 can be completed. Super-long-range flight of kilometers.

Imagine using drone delivery after shopping in Jingdong in the future. Isn't it cool to think about this scene?