Tatami is so hot. Does our family have to install one?

In summer, many people like to sleep on the tatami terrace, eat, drink tea, chat, and enjoy the cool ground and the fun of sitting on the ground. Since the tatami design appeared in the public eye, it has burst into popularity in a short period of time. The tatami figure can be seen in every corner of the life.

Regarding whether or not to choose a tatami design, the most important thing is to think clearly about what you want. If others say that good or bad is a life for others, we can refer to others’ experiences and choose useful parts to guide ourselves, but we must not copy it.

Any choice is a trade-off process, and the tatami platform has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. If all the multi-functions are realized and avoid all the disadvantages of the platform it is unrealistic and can only be a trade-off. For small House type, small bedroom about 6-10 flats, sometimes you want to use this space to achieve a variety of functions such as guest bedroom, study, storage, leisure, etc. In this use situation, the tatami platform is still the best choice.

Tatami room type

▎ tatami bedroom ▎

Please answer aloud what is the most important thing for my small apartment? Yes! It is to increase the space utilization! If the bedroom is only 6m2-10m2, is not enough storage space?! Tatami is definitely one of the best choices. Use tatami Replace the bed, create a multi-functional space that integrates living, storage, and entertainment, and 1m2 is not wasted.

★ Precautions

For every window opening, it is not reasonable to take off your shoes and climb to the tatami to open the window. This disadvantage is not the problem of the platform itself. Even if you put a bed, you have to crawl to the bed to open the window. Of course, you can avoid the windows, but many of them cannot be avoided because of the type restriction.

Regarding the cleaning problem, there is a vacuum cleaner on the dust, and it is carefully cleaned along the tatami mat texture. If the children pee on the top of the tatami, they say the same thing. After all, the bed is also the same trouble.

▎ tatami study ▎

The study is an important place for families to read, work, and learn. If we can use the space rationally and practically, it is really perfect. The tatami study is just the lucky star of a small family and meets some of the imagination's needs. , not only can provide a strong demand for library collection, but also to meet the needs of learning, work and temporary rooms, 1m2 can be used as 5m2. Simple tatami study, warm sun through the window into the house, it feels wonderful.

★ Precautions

Tatami is a wood product. During the wet season, dampness on the wooden table can cause worms, rot, and other problems. Pay attention to insect-proof and moisture-proof treatment before laying the tatami base frame, leave ventilation holes, and maintain ventilation.

▎ tatami terrace ▎

Traditional balcony mode: Drying clothes, placing potted plants, and stacking debris. Is it only the function of the balcony? Tatami can be designed on the balcony. Not only can it be a living room during the day, but also a good place to sip on the Internet. It can be used as a bed. When it comes to guests, it is a room. When the children play, it becomes a children's paradise.

★ Precautions

Do a tatami on the balcony, be sure to pay attention to the waterproof treatment of the balcony before installation.

As tatami is made of wood, special attention should be paid to waterproof so as to avoid tatami rot.

If the climate is too hot, it is not recommended to close the tatami design, and do not make it on the floor. Try to finish the floor or tile and make it on the floor.

If the above tatami mats are to be laid out, the upper door panels can also be designed in the form of a row of skeletons, so that they can have better ventilation and be more friendly to moisture.

Functional tatami

▎ tatami + locker ▎

Tatami floor design with strong storage capacity makes the space more tidy and clean. In addition to the drawer on the outside of the platform, under the upturned door of the bed, it also hides a large area of ​​storage space, able to accommodate more and more of the living people Items. Pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the panel during design. The solid wood panel is good as a surface.

★ Precautions

Storage capacity is a major advantage of the tatami platform. It can be said that if the space under the platform is used as the up-and-down door mode, it is inconvenient to cause things to be placed. It is necessary to remove the mat each time and then open the door.

The space under the platform serves as a storage space. It is recommended to place some items that are not commonly used, such as seasonal quilts, clothes, etc. This will take several times a year. In addition, the upper flap can be used to replace the hinges with gas bracing. This will make the switch easier. The outer part can also be designed as a drawer or open the door to store the common items.

If the home is warmly installed, the space under the tatami is not suitable as a storage space. Heating the objects in the storage space may damage the goods.

▎ tatami + lift table ▎

When the tatami lift table is raised, the tatami room can be used as a tea room, playing chess, playing cards, chatting, etc.; The lift platform is lowered into a children's entertainment room, and the entire space is full of layers. Even a small space has a playful atmosphere. In the entertainment venue, there is no fear of bumping. The tatami lift table achieves a multi-room feature that satisfies the needs of most modern small-sized homes.

★ Precautions

To order the tatami lift table before custom tatami, the designer of the custom furniture shop can be custom designed according to the height of the lift table and the size of the application desktop (desktop size is usually: 100cm*100cm is the best) so as not to cause the size above The error affects the use of tatami.

>>>> How to maintain tatami?

1, often wipe with a dry cloth, if you encounter rainy weather or continuous rainy days, you should pay attention to open air conditioning dehumidification, you can also use a small amount of vinegar diluted vinegar, wrung dry, wipe tatami.

2, on sunny days, pay attention to the ventilation of the tatami to prevent mold.

3, please do not wipe tatami with moist things, because it is easy to make tatami mildew.

4, remember not to overuse the humidifier, that will make the tatami damp.

5. If mildew is found, wipe it with a small amount of dry vinegar and dry it with a hair dryer.

In short, the tatami platform itself is a multi-functional product. Besides sleeping, it can also be stored, children can play on it, and adults can also play and play cards on the top. The disadvantages are also there. The need for finding an object is not perfect, to be a platform, of course, have to accept the shortcomings.

In the one-metre-long afternoon of sunshine, a captivating cappuccino enjoys the corner of a person. The tatami in the house is not only a 'feast' in the living room, but also a 'carpet' in the living room. Elegant and practical.