Haier washing machine quality upgrade 3 out into the Anqiu: Demolition of 50 inner barrels all black

On June 15th, the elimination of Haier washing machine quality upgrade 3 was held in Anqiu, Weifang. At the scene, the activities of Haier washing machines to dismantle and wash dirty buckets attracted the attention of local consumers: a total of 50 units were demolished. Without exception, the inner barrels were blackened and stained. All kinds of dirt. This activity visually shows the harm of dirty bucket laundry, accelerates the popularity of health washing and leads the development trend of the industry.

At the scene, Haier Washing Machine's video of washing dirty buckets caused users to watch. After a conventional washing machine was brushed with barrel cleaning agent, it could still see the wall of the bucket covered with dirt, and then it was put in Haier's no-cleaning washing, and the dirt was taken out. Basically, it was cleaned. At the same time, Haier dismantled and washed 50 users' washing machines on the spot for 3 years, 5 years and 10 years. They found that the inner barrel wall was covered with layers of dirt without exception. Among them, a local village branch secretary saw After washing the inner wall of the washing machine in her home for 5 years, she said that 'I really didn't expect it to be so dirty'. There was no cleaning on the spot under a single Taiwan Haier. In addition, old users of Haier's no-clean washing machine saw no dirt after the washing machine was disassembled. , The family is strongly recommended to buy Haier no-clean washing machine.

In the era of consumer upgrading, users are increasingly pursuing a high quality of life, especially in the aspect of clothing care, which puts higher demands on health and care. Based on this, Haier's original “wisdom ball” technology, water flow drives wisdom balls inside and outside the barrels. During this period of time, Haier also innovated the upgrade of the technology of 'dry water between barrels' and 'no outer barrels' and no-clean washing machines. It took 3 iterations in 4 years. Lay industry leading position in health care.

At present, Haier washing machine quality upgrade 3 elimination activities are being carried out nationwide. According to statistics, Haier washing machines have entered more than 10,000 communities in more than 300 cities across the country, washing and washing washing machines for users more than 240,000 times. As the activity heat continues to rise , Haier no-clean washing machine has been recognized by more and more users.

In fact, Haier's washing machines focus on user needs, original no-clean technology, effectively meet the needs of users, and lead the trend of healthy washing. In addition, Haier also provides users with innovative products through direct-drive, dual-power washing machines and other innovative products. Washing and care solutions, fully demonstrate the leading strength of the builders trend. According to data released by the world’s authoritative market research agency Euromonitor International, Haier’s washing machine market share has been ranked first in the world for 9 years.