What will you buy for Midyear Shopping Festival?

The Midyear Shopping Festival is a promotion contest for the e-commerce platform. Among them, the Jingdong 618 is one of the most popular platforms. Consumers naturally want to buy what they want to see for a long time. At the same time, they have to send their hearts to the family. Especially the cute children. Children's intelligent robots made with advanced science and technology are now a good gift for children.

The pudding children's intelligent robot, which integrates practical functions such as intellectual development and home security monitoring, has recently received much attention. At the beginning of the month, Children's Day held the opening sales period. How about the price of the 618 day? Let's take a look.

First look at the pudding peas (mung bean high version), the lowest price before 618 fixed at 1799 yuan, 618 as low as 1759 yuan, there is no small attraction.

As the first generation in the pudding intelligent robot series, it is truly significant. It first entered the intelligent robot market (consumer level) with a high price/performance ratio of 999 yuan, and was favored by the user with a superior user experience, especially between voices. Smart communication. After the launch of newer products, the resources are still updated. During the Jingdong Mall 618 event, the price of puddings is as low as 499 yuan, and 20-day price guarantee service is provided. After 21st, the price will be restored to 999 yuan! This price is already the reserve price.

Pudding Doudou (Hui Reading Edition) has added a picture book to recognise the function of real people reading. Based on massive picture book resources, it can be freely read, read, supported, and read by readers. At the same time, the main function is still to support English learning. Reading picture books, primary school curriculum synchronization, home security monitoring, voice control of pudding Doudou (Hui Reading Edition) intelligent robot. Currently, Jingdong 618 activities for only 2099 yuan, and support for 20 days price insurance, also sent a value of 400 yuan picture book, 21 days later The price of 2399 yuan will be restored. It is better to act quickly.