Province 500 yuan | price guarantee 20 days! Pudding S Jingdong 618 how to benefit in the end

In the middle of the 618 shopping festival promotions came a wave after another, but it was still very rare to cut the price and cut it in half. However, the rare is not non-existent. We have already seen the Pudding S intelligent robot of Jingdong Mall play. The ultra-low price of 499 yuan, compared with the original price of 999 yuan, halved the real price! The following single can be set to save 500 yuan, and also supports the 20-day price protection, lifting the user worried about the 618 day there are further preferential worries, in 21 After the day will be restored to 999 yuan price.

Price protection for 20 days to save 500 yuan in the province. There is still a chance to win orders (50 places).

Most parents need to be busy with their own business. In daily life, they often lack the time to communicate with their children in depth, and they also spend less time with their children. This is whether they want to live from the family or want to be from the individual. The realization of the ambition can be judged. However, no matter how busy you work, you can't ignore the child's growth. The intelligent robot can bring many joys to the children. Encourage your children to use language expressions and hyperactivity to think about the future of their children. It's Gabriel without harm.

Pudding S has a professional program to help children customize their growth. Based on multiple intelligence theory, Montessori sensitive period theory, China Children Development Psychology and other meticulous research and development, through the collection of children's age, gender, a comprehensive analysis of the child's seven psychological characteristics, Therefore, it is not only a matter of peace of mind for parents, but also a precise guideline to avoid negative deviations in the direction of education.

The Pudding S Children's Smart Robot is a heavyweight product that has been rushing into the consumer market at low prices in recent years. From the debut price of 999 yuan, it has attracted numerous fans. Even though the current product is changing, it still keeps its resources updated, so that it is not Lagging. With the ultra-low price of 499 yuan, I believe that will make more consumers experience the usefulness of intelligent robots, but also pudding 趁 Jingdong 618 activities, for everyone to bring the benefits of it.