User Experience Iterates to Promote Casa Di Air Conditioning | 'Turn the Wind'

On June 6, according to Zhong Ye Kang's data for the week of 1-22 in 2018, the accumulated turnover of the air-conditioning industry for the financial year exceeded RMB 20.7 billion, which represented an increase of 12.3% over the same period of last year. This also shows intuitively that the demand for air-conditioning increased. With the increasing use of air conditioners in summer, the drawbacks caused by traditional air conditioners that only used 1 type of air for one time began to become more prominent. In 2017, Casa Di statistics found that more than 117 million air-conditioning use data were collected from June to October: Frequent manual adjustment of temperature, wind speed, wind direction, inconvenient use of air conditioners, and non-intelligence phenomena are common.

Casati Air-Conditioner has initiated user interaction activities several times since 2015. Many users think that they have different comforts from the air-conditioning temperature for the elderly and children: They feel comfortable but the elderly and children cannot stand. They are afraid that they are uncomfortable with heat stroke and they are afraid of blowing air-conditioning. With a fever and a fever, the family has serious differences on the issue of air conditioning. Users want to have a smart air-conditioner that can meet different people's temperature needs.

Since then, Casa Di has analyzed more than 117 million summer air-conditioning usage data and found that 46% wind speed adjustment, 12% of the wind adjustment, wind speed, wind direction control accounted for 58%; and air conditioning in more than 25 million users a day In the statistics of the set temperature, the proportion of the temperature in the second stage and above is 62%. Obviously, the air conditioner with a single air outlet mode cannot satisfy the temperature demand of multiple users at the same time. This leads to the need for the user to continuously turn on the air conditioner. Manual adjustment of temperature, wind speed, wind direction, inconvenient use of air conditioning has become a major pain point for users.

In view of the above pain points, Casa Di to connect user needs and product development, in-depth study can automatically adjust the air mode of the air mode according to the user's cold and hot feelings, and finally launch Tianmu air conditioning. The air conditioner is equipped with the original wisdom human body heat and cold sensing system , Can intelligently detect human body surface heat dissipation, human head temperature, location distribution and ambient temperature and other parameters, so as to obtain the indoor and outdoor personnel's cold and hot feelings, and calculate the subjective comfort of human body through big data, divided into 'very cold and cold. , comfortable, hot, very hot' 5 levels.

After acquiring the user's temperature comfort requirements, Tianyi air-conditioner uses the double-circulation air supply system to realize the “divisional air supply”. It is equipped with two independent air supply systems, with 2 motors, 2 left and right fans, and 4 air deflectors. In the layout, the air supply range is divided into up and down, left and right five areas. According to different locations in the room, different users' needs of cooling and heating, intelligently adjust air-conditioning temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and accurately meet the different comfort of everyone in the same environment. This will blow out the 'turning wind' and send exclusive comfort to each user.

On the one hand, through user interaction, big data analysis takes the lead in understanding user needs. On the other hand, relying on advanced research and development capabilities to speed up iterative products, Casa di Tianyi air-conditioning blows 'turning winds' to meet the temperature requirements of different users. This is also the Casa Di. Adhering to the results of the concept of 'one person in oneness' for a long period of time, we have been deeply pursuing users' needs and have brought personalized air conditioning and air supply mode solutions to users. At the same time, we have once again demonstrated the scientific and technological strength of timely matching of user needs and industry trends.