3999 yuan worth buying? Millet Mi projector experience

Last year, Xiaomi Tech’s Fengmi Technology launched a million-dollar laser TV. After that, the million-dollar laser TV market suddenly became bustling. In particular, more and more Internet brands have joined, and even redefined RMB 10,000 lasers. TV slogan. This middle millet crowdfunding also on the line of the Eloi Me2 split projector, and I am more looking forward to this product under the Mi family brand - Mijia projector.

Appearance design: Vertical structure is rare

Mijia projector shell using aluminum alloy extrusion molding, and the use of CNC processing, texture is very good, but also make the whole machine has a lot of weight. Color is the color that was previously seen in the millet mobile power, although not used Millet / rice products commonly used white body design, but still keep the design simple, style is still very small millet.

The lens is not equipped with a lens cap and is mainly protected by the outermost gorilla glass

Top entity key

This projector also uses a less common vertical structure design. Generally speaking, the lens of the projector is located on the side. The center of the vertical structure of the Mijia projector is completely coincident with the axis of symmetry of the fuselage, and is completely centered. It looks more harmonious and natural. There is only one switch button at the top, which is also its only physical button.

Heat vent on the back

Interface design

Because the heat vent is located on the back, if you are closer, you must avoid this position. The interface includes a USB3.0, an HDMI2.0 and a 3.5mm audio jack compatible with Jack + S/PDIF, can be further external speakers Improve the sound quality effect. In fact, the sound quality of this machine itself is good, built-in 2 inch 10W dual speakers dual passive diaphragm sound, and some micro-projection products are limited by the size of the whole, in the speaker specifications have to 'shrink'.

Can be lifted or wall mounted by dedicated adapter plate

There are four foot pads on the bottom, but it is not limited to use on the desktop. It can also be lifted or wall mounted by installing a special adapter plate at the bottom. The accessories are not yet on the shelves.

No external power supply

There is only one remote control and power cord for the accessories. The remote control is exactly the same as the latest Bluetooth audio remote control provided by Xiaomi TV. The button layout is reasonable, it is easy to use, and it also has touch function. In addition, since the Mijia projector uses a built-in power supply Design, so only equipped with a power cord, each time out to use more convenient and easy to store, but also easy to store.

AF + top, bottom, left, and right keystone

auto focus

The Mi projector supports 3 seconds of autofocus. During the startup process, the focus is already completed. It is clear to see the screen directly. In addition, as long as it touches it slightly, it will restart the autofocus program. It is clear.

Keystone correction

The Mi projector also supports ±45° trapezoidal correction. This process requires manual operation. Compared to the upper and lower trapezoidal corrections, the left and right trapezoidal corrections are more practical. This eliminates the need to place the projector in front of the projection wall surface. The location is more flexible and free, and it can also avoid the heat generated by the back-side heat-discharge vent to blow directly to the human body.

How is the display effect?

Brightness, resolution, and contrast are three very important parameters of the projector. The Mijia projector uses a Texas Instruments 0.47-inch DMD chip that supports 1080P resolution and ANSI brightness of 800 lumens. In addition, the Mi projector. The throw ratio is 1.1:1, which means that 80-inch screens can be thrown at a distance of 2 meters from the wall, and 100-inch screens can be thrown at a distance of 2.5 meters.

Turn on the display effect

Turn off the display effect

Is the brightness of 800 ANSI lumens sufficient? The above are the display effects of turning on and off the lights. Although many projection products are said to have good results during daytime viewing, the best viewing scene is still at night. Watching during the day requires the use of curtains for adequate shading, even if the brightness reaches 1000 ANSI lumens or even higher.

High-definition photo real shot (Using camera to shoot projection screen will inevitably have color cast phenomenon)

In terms of color, in the viewing mode, from the real shots of high-definition pictures, the red, green, and blue colors are truly natural, and over 85% of NTSC color gamut coverage ensures that there are more visible colors. (Compared to the Mi-ray laser projection TV that was released before, the Mi-projector provides two modes of viewing and highlighting, and one standard mode is missing.)

Clear and sharp text display

The sharpness mainly depends on its text display effect. Compared to the projection of the 720P standard, the Mijia projector with a physical resolution of 1080P can naturally make the text clearer and sharper. In addition, since the Texas Instruments TRP square pixel architecture scheme is adopted, there is no diamond shape. Significant sawtoothing on the edges of the fonts created by the pixel architecture further enhances viewing.

The film "The Pacific Rim: The Thunder Resurrects"

Contrast test found the film “Pacific Ocean: The Thunder Resurrected.” This movie has many dark scenes. The low contrast will certainly make the viewing effect greatly reduced. The actual results are good, such as several students in the mech When inside, the highlights of the flashlight and the details of the dark internal parts of the armor were fully expressed. Of course, they must be watched in a light-off environment.

Familiar system - MIUI TV version

The system of the Mijia Projector is exactly the same as that of the Xiaomi TV/Box. This system is believed to be familiar to many people. After more than four years of development and evolution, all the functional experiences are relatively complete. Besides the voice manipulation, the waterfall-style 'PatchWall' The puzzle wall can present colorful and even 'difficult' content, while achieving in-depth integration of multiple platforms on the content.

System Home

Topics in PacthWall

Most daily operations can be done by voice

After upgrading to the PatchWall puzzle wall, the AI ​​TV system allows content to be presented as a waterfall stream. You can scroll down to see many well-organized thematic categories. What you want to see during a purposeful page turning process Perhaps it will suddenly appear, bringing unexpected surprises. If you are too lazy to find it, you can quickly find what you want to see through the voice remote control.

Iqibiz content

Sohu video content

Tencent video content

Although the content supply platform is iQiyi, Xiaomi also integrates the contents of Tencent video, Youku, and Sohu video. Even though cool video, cloud audio and video aurora, these APPs can be installed on any smart TV, The advantage of Xiaomi is that they appear in the list of voice search or PatchWall, do not need to download the software manually, this is its advantage.

Speaking of the smart system, we must mention the hardware configuration. The Mi projector uses a 64-bit T968 Cortex-A53 quad-core 1.8GHZ CPU, with 2GB of memory and 16GB of flash memory. It is equivalent to the current millet TV 4 configuration, and it will not be felt during use. What is Caton, 16G flash memory is not limited when installing third-party applications.

Experience summary

As the first projector product of the Mijia brand, all aspects of performance have met expectations. Compared to projectors of the same specifications, the Mijia projector has a simple design and has a relatively mature MIUI TV version. The system is easy to use, rich in resources, and has a good experience in voice interaction. Compared with 2-3000 yuan projector products, the advantage of the Mijia projector is that it does not compromise important parameters such as brightness and resolution to ensure that the viewing experience is not discount.

The Mijia Projector is priced at RMB 3,999, which is about the same price as a 55-inch or 65-inch LCD TV. Although it is too early to replace it with a TV, it has the advantage of easily enjoying a large-screen viewing entertainment experience. TV is more flexible and free to use, 3999 yuan is still worth buying.