Experience Summary: Why the cool open KX49 called the King of Price-performance, in addition to the absolute price advantage, designed for TV cool open system and rich content to make this TV experien

From the second half of last year began a wave of price hikes to make smart TV prices more expensive, and some even thousands of dollars, and recently we saw Skyworth's Internet TV brand Cool open about to launch a super cost-effective 49-inch 4K TV--kx49, 2499 Yuan is a lot of 43-inch TV price,

And also full HD models, and I also saw the Jingdong 49/50-inch TV price, basically no more than 2499 yuan cool open KX49 cost-effective, below to see its specific performance.

Low-key calm cool open KX49 appearance appreciation 49 inches is a size that can not be ignored, compared to the 55-inch TV, it is lightweight, easy to handle, compared to 43 inches and increased a lot of display area, so that both flexible mobile, but also to ensure the viewing effect.

Cool Open KX49 in the design does not have too many fancy things, low-key and stable design style is not fussy about the use of the environment, Gaoliang narrow border and the bottom of the black rhombus very noticeable.

Cool Open KX49 appearance

Ultra-Narrow border design

Ultra-narrow border design reduces the visual interference when watching TV, highlighting the black shell, although it is easier to rub fingerprints, but usually hands rarely touch it, basic can be used often new.

Logo and Black diamond lattice decoration

Base Bracket Cool Open logo on the TV in the lower right corner, under it also has a black rhombus design, played a very good decorative role.

This base design gives me a good feeling, and it is not as wide as the fuselage, and can reduce the dependence on the width of the TV cabinet.

Cool Open KX49 Side

The thinnest fuselage 14.3mm, the overall thickness is also controlled within a reasonable range, wall walls will not appear too abrupt, on the TV cabinet effect is also good.

TV back

Interface Configuration KX49 uses the common L-type interface layout, altogether provides HDMI2.0, HDMI1.4, USB3.0, USB2.0, AV output, AV input, RF input, network and other interfaces, can meet the daily connection cable TV set-top box, network box and other equipment needs, USB interface is located in the side of the fuselage

And then Plug and pull.

Pole-Type remote control

Remote control is very small, key layout is very concise, a total of 12 keys, easy to use, and the other direction key and contact design, with a period of time will soon be able to achieve blind operation.

Cool Open KX49 System panorama

Slide the remote to the left to open common settings KX49 with cool open System 5.5, the interface design fully consider the large screen end of the operating habits, not overly complex hierarchy, turn on the TV will soon be able to find what to see.

Sliding the remote control to the left can directly open the local media, or signal source switching and other settings, you can easily use.

Home Custom settings

In cool open film and cool open education is the signal source switch, my application, my game, and so on, continue to page down also can be customized to set up Third-party software applications, if these settings or software usually use a higher frequency, so the system-level settings are very intimate and practical.

Film and television: Tencent Video resources Casual look

The latest hits show everything.

Drama "The Wind of surgery"

Cool Open KX49 built-in Tencent video content platform, the recent hit of the "People's name", "the Department of Surgery", "Choose Heaven" everything, and as the Tencent joint solo TV drama "Surgery", can be 20 points in advance 4 hours a day to see.

Courtyard Line blockbuster Update in time

The movie "The West swims the demon article"

From the courtyard line movie, including "The West swims the Demon chapter", "The Brave wind and Waves", "Kungfu Yoga" and so on, and so on in the next Yingxiu soon the large tracts have landed, in addition to Tencent video exclusive resources "Advent" and so on.

In addition to movies, TV dramas, cool open film and television in the comprehensive arts, sports, documentaries, children and so on have a lot of resources, can always find the content to see.

Education: Another classroom for children

Cool education to introduce quality education platform

There are also many educational resources, content are from the industry's quality education platform, including the happy School of Righteousness, Beval nursery rhymes, fruit paradise, music learning teacher class, intelligence, such as a little niche, covering preschool, nursery rhymes, animation, English, literature, interest and other aspects of the content, at home can give children a full range of training.

Learning Chinese characters and telling stories in the cultivation of literature

such as this "learning Chinese characters storytelling", it includes 500 basic Chinese characters, 60 interesting life situation stories, each episode has about 10 minutes, including video animation, interactive games and original children's songs three parts, can let the child in the nursery rhymes constantly review learned words and phrases.

Official information shows that KX49 uses LGD IPS 4K hard screen, although the current 4K chip source is limited, but there are more and more movies, TV dramas and other content has reached 4K definition, or in the TV built in the 4K area to experience the pleasure of high-definition quality.

4K film Real Shot The screen is up to 4K and the hardware configuration is up.

Cool Open KX49 using 64-bit HiSilicon V510 chip, the overall configuration is normal, but the decoding performance is good, the test hard drive 4K film basic can be played, and the experience of the process does not feel the system of cotton, install a number of software applications also did not affect the flow of the system.

Cool Open KX49 leaky test

Leaky is the phenomenon of LCD TV can not avoid, cool open KX49 in the backlight control performance better, from the full black screen can see the uniformity of the backlight is in place, only the corner position has a slight leaky phenomenon, usually watch TV generally will not be aware of its existence.

Dynamic sharpness Test

In the performance of moving objects, LCD TV will inevitably appear trailing, jitter and other phenomena, cool open KX49 In this regard to my impression is also good, high-speed movement of the train smooth nature, and even more clearly identify the body contour.
Experience Summary: Why the cool open KX49 called the King of Price-performance, in addition to the absolute price advantage, designed for TV cool open system and rich content to make this TV experience more than the price of a lot of TV, good-looking content and fun applications, which is our most strong demand for smart TV, even if the design, Hardware configuration and other aspects of performance is not outstanding, KX49 still can become a well-deserved king of the price ratio. 49 4K King Price ratio | Cool Open KX49 TV experience