God painting start | 'same-screen anti-control computer' | black technology |

On May 20th, Divine Art Technology held a TT family media tasting session in Shenzhen. At the tasting session, Divine Art Technology released a new self-developed heavy black technology – the same-screen anti-control computer technology. , Shenhua Technology has developed the world's first projector with anti-control technology through projection control computer, ignited the entire technology circle and once again demonstrated to the world the strength of China's wisdom.

On the day of the tasting, the media members who were present on the site performed an in-depth experience and exchanges on the whole series of new products of the TT family. As the technology leader in the domestic micro-investment industry, in 2017, Divine Artists introduced the TT family of touch projections, relying on their autonomy. The air-to-air touch technology developed by the company brought the projection industry to a new era of “human-computer interaction.” The “same-screen anti-control” technology introduced this time has changed the role of smart micro-projection from a higher dimension. , further promoted this revolution of human-computer interaction.

Starting from the god TT-P, using the 'air-to-air touch technology', the '10,000 level' electronic whiteboard technology was put into the 'thousand yuan' projection, and the God Painting TT-H's 'love painting' function was embodied. The care for children and family education has brought new and interactive ways to the family. The God-painting TTPlus combines the former two functions and adds voice manipulation technology. This time, the Divine Painting has brought a new anti-control on the same screen. Computer technology. This technology will bring unprecedented changes to the business office. It will not only change the way the projectors are used, but will also completely subvert all past business meetings and create customer communication methods. On-site, on-screen touch technology The actual experience also won the high recognition of all the media people present.

Anti-control with the screen

The biggest highlight of this release of the same-screen anti-control computer technology lies in its ability to open up the underlying data of Windows. The projector's reverse control of the computer is achieved through precise algorithms, and the 'mirror' projection screen 'reverse control' the main computer screen. , And can carry out any switch between computer screen and projection screen. 'Same-screen anti-control' uses wireless transmission and image intelligent processing technology to allow the projector to automatically acquire the computer's data source, and perform image compression processing, and then use wireless network communication technology. Wirelessly transfer images to the projector for reversed operation and screen switching. It also enables adaptive, color adjustment of various resolution computer screens.

Just install the corresponding APP on the computer side and the projection section separately, and connect the same WiFi to easily realize the 'same-screen anti-control computer'. The introduction of this technology directly solves the problem of incompatible data connection between various computers and projections. The problem, because the inconsistency of the resolution will not be able to display the problems will no longer exist. The speaker in the process of the proposal, you can directly use the 'Shenbi', through the touch control function can easily control the computer and projection screen at the same time, let the whole The speech process is more elegant and comfortable.

Blind test of competing products

This media tasting session also has an important link. It is the blind test of TT-P and 2 competing products. The scene has blocked the appearance of the products of each brand through 3 black boxes. With the assistance of the staff, Three media representatives experienced the operation and use of the three products. The god TT-P has obvious advantages in the three blind test Hengping products.

Game experience

The game experience is one of the most interesting aspects of the media tasting. In the experience zone, the media in the field are competing to experience the unprecedented gaming experience brought by the divine projection. The TT family product features are vividly displayed through the interactive experience of the live game experience. .

The cut fruit game can be directly used as the joystick remote controller to operate the game handle, so that the game control mode made a subversive change, 'reality' stronger gaming experience is more enjoyable, experience the scene is quite popular.

Supersonic flight and other games rely on Shenbi's unique gravity sensing function, relying on God's ultra-high hardware configuration of TT to ensure the smoothness of the game, but also bring more shocking visual sense of substitution and manipulation than mobile phones and tablet computers. sense.

Everyone in the game, you need to find out the difference between the two pictures in 90 seconds, find a place that is using God's TT's 'Shenbi' remote control labeling, and can achieve a key to save.

Through this tasting session, Divine Painting hopes to be able to tell professional consumers such as the TT Family Series through the most professional people, the value of a truly good product. On sale, won by the majority of users. In 618, China University of Technology and the promotion of the near, the purchase of God painting TT-P Jingdong and sun single, there are opportunities to get 500 yuan Jingdong E card gift gift. Purchase link: I direct.

Shenhua Technology always adheres to technology accumulation and innovative R&D. Through rethinking based on 'touch' technology, it has released a heavier black technology - 'same-screen anti-control computer' technology. This is a re-upgrade of touch technology. , The re-expanded projection interaction method reflects the determination and dreams of God to change the world. ■