Contact Huang: 18901880238 Panasonic PT-SX300C Business Projector 2999 yuan to send high-definition 5 meters HDMI line

Panasonic sx300c Projector only A4 paper size, easy to carry, stylish compact fuselage about 2.3kg. In addition to the horizontal, vertical trapezoid correction and four-corner correction function, Panasonic sx300c has curved surface correction function, can easily projection the surface screen, and effectively adjust the barrel-shaped and pillow-like deformation. This machine chooses the Accessories wireless module to realize the wireless projection easily, itself also has the memory card browsing function, simply will store has the presentation the USB memory card to insert the projector port to direct projection, Panasonic PT-SX300C business projector 2999 Yuan sends the high-definition 5 meters HDMI line, Need to know more details can consult small yellow 18901880238 micro-letter QQ894031002. You can also go to the physical store to experience the explanation

[Day cat Purchase link] Panasonic SX300C is a stylish and compact projector. Even in the complex environment can provide the ideal brightness, press the Remote control button to open the strong light induction function, even in the bright room, you can easily and comfortably watch the demo.

The built-in light sensor is used to monitor the ambient illumination and adjust the color and brightness of the projection image in real time.

Company Address: Shanghai Putuo District true South Road 1370th Shanghai Electromechanical City a building 7th door 502c-d Take line Line 11 to Qilian Road station 4th exit, walk straight 100 meters directly to 1th door to enter the elevator right into the lift directly 5 floor

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