The lamp trough and the water heater reservation size is reasonable, do not affect the later installment use. Bathroom ceiling Installation step-by-step | These renovation steps have to be known

Although the toilet ceiling inconspicuous, but also the area of a small piece, but the toilet ceiling for a long time in the hot and humid environment, but also hanging suspended overhead, if the ceiling decoration steps are not in place, it is easy to lead a variety of safety issues such as peeling off, swelling up drums and so on.

Want to ensure that the bathroom ceiling durable beautiful, it must start from the installation started, so users must understand the ceiling decoration of every detail and attention, and strive to put the perfect ceiling.

First, the ceiling installation before the rules materials ready to have the doorway

1, the material is numerous, how to correct material selection? First select keel, common have light steel keel and wood keel.

For the bathroom this humid environment obviously can not choose wood, light steel keel fire-proof hardness is also very good, very suitable for the toilet ceiling material.

Then select the plate, above the figure is several commonly used ceiling plate, through the characteristics, advantages, prices of comprehensive comparison can be seen aluminum buckle ceiling more durable, more cost-effective.

2, how to buy no worries Online shopping is now very convenient and can be delivered to the door, but the simple description and the actual measurement still have a very big difference, in order to worry about or go to the building materials shop in person to choose to buy, and the best matching purchase, often have customers in different stores to buy accessories lead to model mismatch, in time and money, human and material waste, Outweigh.

In the transport and stacking process, the plate should be used flat can not be pressed, and to avoid high temperature and harmful material erosion, prevent the distortion of the plate caused by the installation can not be fitted together.

Second, the ceiling installation is carried out how the construction is accurate

1, Ceiling size specification Before the installation of the ceiling to confirm the size of the aluminum buckle plate size common 30*30, 30*60, the thickness of the basic is 0.6 mm, the toilet space relatively small selection of the former more coordinated.

Keel installation spacing deviation should be controlled within 1.5 cm, chandelier height control in 2.5 meters is more appropriate, low has a sense of oppression will affect the installation location of the fan, high impact on the internal pipeline and wire at the same time not conducive to bath PA to the entire bathroom insulation and heating.

2, Ceiling module setup Specification Heating, lighting, ventilation, water heaters these four plates can be made into a standard by the integrated ceiling model of the composite plate, handsome in appearance and coordination. Heating and lighting the general bath PA can be perfectly solved, although now a lot of Trinity with the ventilation function, but small series is not particularly recommended, first in the bath in order to maintain the temperature is not open the function of ventilation, the usual bath PA's exhaust efficiency is lower and more functions to repair more trouble.

Exhaust fan Recommended suction top type, taking into account the tidal rising wall-mounted exhaust fan effect is not as good as suction top type, but the wall-mounted construction is simpler without too much consideration of the ceiling pipe and line problems.

Electrical module distribution is reasonable and beautiful

3, ceiling installation small details Must reserve the inspection hole, some people will think the influence is beautiful, you ever thought once the ceiling pipe or equipment line out of the problem how to do, can not determine the location of the fault in time, unable to identify the cause in time to miss the best remedy opportunity, bring great security risks. In advance, the biggest role of the overhaul hole is to facilitate the timely maintenance, you can find out the hidden dangers in time to eliminate, so the inspection hole preparedness.

Worry about the impact of beauty can not be, the inspection of the hole a little artistic treatment on it.

Third, the ceiling is completed when the inspection is reasonable

1, internal inspection Check the structure of the internal keel, whether to do horizontal vertical, spacing deviation control within the allowable range, light pull keel check there is no sharp tremor and shaking, bearing capacity is sufficient.

Twist the screws to make sure no loosening occurs.

Solid bearing capacity of keel ceiling is strong

2, external inspection First of all to ensure that the rod stable and solid distance evenly, buckle plate installation, tight interface, color do not appear chromatic aberration, the surface of the buckle is neat there are scratches and bumps. Reserve line holes to ensure that they are not blocked to prepare for a rainy occasion.