Electronic whiteboards are at your fingertips | God painting TT-P touch projection experience

In recent years, there have been more and more micro-projections on the market, but the experience has not been ideal. What kind of micro-investment is considered to be useful? Focus on micro-investment product technology innovation, master divine technology of many industry core technologies Has been exploring, launched in 2013 two-lens auto focus and air touch two heavyweight patented technology, to launch the world's first AR projection gods in 2016, Mei Mei, God painting technology continues to bring consumers Surprise. Just last month, Shenqi Technology released a new series of TT series touch projections. The biggest highlight is the electronic whiteboard function built on the technology of 'air-to-air touch' technology. The original micro-projection not only looks good but also is fun and Easy to use.

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Fashion dynamic design

Divine TT series products are divided into main business-oriented TT-P Business Edition, TT-H Primary Education for Parent-Child Education, and flagship TT Plus Smart Edition. We experience the commercial version with built-in electronic whiteboard function.

God painting TT-P inside and outside packaging

The internal and external packaging of Divine Painting TT-P is very delicate, especially inside. The mainframe and various accessories are neatly arranged in various areas of the foam protection layer to minimize the damage caused by the transportation process.

The TT-P housing uses a low-key, calming tint, which is suitable for business applications. Although it is a plastic housing, the surface is polished very carefully, so it looks very texture. The weight of the goddess TT-P is only 570g. The size is 190mm x 124mm x 30mm, which is similar to the size of the iPad mini. It does not increase the burden on the bag.

Dual-lens design, similar to the dual lens we commonly use in mobile phones, the main lens is responsible for projection imaging, and the other lens is used for automatic focusing.

The God Painting TT-P adopts the design of forward and leftward air inlet and outlet. The left and right air inlets ensure sufficient air flow. In addition, regardless of the company meeting or home use environment, the air outlet will not be blown to the human body in front. It is very intimate.

The back is assembled with switch buttons and various interfaces. The switch and ring indicator are flashing red/blue light when turned on. It is very cool, and it is also easy to identify the position of the switch in a dim environment. The interface includes SD card, HDMI, USB , Headphones and power supply, clear lined up, very easy to use.

At the bottom there are 4 non-slip foot pads. The standard 1/4 interface in the middle can be used on a tripod.

I love this bracket. It is made of metal. It has a texture after being polished. It uses the same color scheme as the TT-P. Both are harmonized and unified. It is also very convenient for splitting and storage. With this bracket, the projector can be more Feel free to adjust the angle, although not standard, but it is worth buying it separately.

Remote control known as the "Sacred pen"

Remote control using lithium battery charging

The design style of the remote control is consistent with the projector. It is sleek and delicate and feels good. The remote control for the gods' projection is called the “Shenbi”. From the figure above, it can be seen that its four-dimensional buttons are not the common 'up and down' or 'left' design. , How to use the details will be described later. The remote control uses a 1000mAh lithium battery for power supply, side provides Micro USB interface, charging is very convenient. (The flagship TT Plus Zhimin version is equipped with voice function)

Power cord and charging the remote controller Micro USB cable

Other accessories include Micro USB cable and power cord for charging the remote control. The power cord is long. Even if there is no power supply near the projector, it will not worry about its power.

2 meters cast 80 inches screen no problem using lights

According to the official data provided, God painting TT-P Business Edition can cast a 40-inch screen for 1 meter and an 80-inch screen for 2 meters. For a common living room environment, it can easily project 100-inch screens, although LCD TVs This display size can also be achieved, but there is no advantage in cost and ease of installation.

In addition, God painted TT-P touch projection using LED light source, with 20,000 hours of service life, do not consider the lamp replacement problem in the normal use cycle. 400 ANSI brightness is not low in the micro-projection, in a good environment shading environment With no problem at all, even in the on-light environment, the brightness of the TT-P will not disappoint you. There will be no problems in the business area.

A new virtual manipulation experience

Concise and clear PIQS UI3.0

The God-painted TT-P touch projection adopts PIQS UI3.0. The overall style is clear and bright. The original air-to-air touch technology of God draws this system to make it easier to use. It can be easily completed by using the virtual touch remote controller. Click, drag, swipe, zoom, and other operations, such as swiping left and right to freely switch between home, theater, simulcast, games, applications, files, settings, and other sections. Swipe up and down to search for videos. The system cannot be implemented.

auto focus

For micro-projection products, the body is small and can be moved flexibly. If the manual focusing is difficult for each movement, auto focus is very necessary. The double-lens auto-focus technology of the TT-P touch projection of God draws again. , From the last 2 seconds to 1 second, during the experience, the screen body will be adjusted instantly every time the projector is moved.

Automatic keystone correction

In addition to autofocus, the TT-P touchscreen projection also incorporates the automatic keystone correction function. The speed is also very fast. The screen can be restored to normal quickly. After powering on, the Founder is clearly clear and saves a lot of time.

The magical magic of electronic whiteboard

With this kind of touch technology, the TT-P touch-screen projection of God draws a 'Divine Office', which is the function of the electronic whiteboard. There are few such functions in micro-projection products.

Brush demonstration

For example, during the PPT presentation, the whiteboard assistant's brush function can be freely annotated. Not only can the thickness of the brush be set, but there are also 10 brush types including highlighter, embossed pen, dotted pen, and marker, etc. The color is also freely adjustable, you can freely choose according to your needs. Whiteboard Assistant can be placed on the edge of the screen, will not affect the normal content presentation.

One-click clear screen

If the comment is wrong, you can use the eraser to erase it. After the end of the comment, the painting office also provides the function of 'clear screen', which can be restored with just one click of the screen.

Save function

Save image appears in 'My screenshot'

For some important annotations, the Divine Painting Office also has a 'Save' feature that will eventually appear as an image in 'My Screenshots' for easy viewing.

Whiteboard function demonstration

If you need only a whiteboard, the Divine Office can also provide you with the background of the whiteboard. There is also a variety of graphic shapes to facilitate various demonstrations.

Not only is it easy to use but also worth seeing

Cinematic films are abundant

God painted TT-P touch projection built-in Youku and CIBN dual content platform, whether it is a movie, TV series or variety shows are very worth seeing, in addition to office tools, it is home entertainment artifact. From the cinema line of view, "The wind and waves „Äč, "Battle to Heaven", "Kung Fu Yoga", "Ten-Fun Village" are all popular short films. You can also get a gift card for Youku, and you can watch the latest movies for free.

More than 30 simulcast channels

In addition, from the simulcast channel, you can feel the advantages of the God-painted TT-P touch projection in terms of content. At present, there are over 30 channel resources such as movies, variety shows, education, tourism, music, health, and shopping. , It's not patchwork at all. I don't know what to look for when it might be harvested here.

Experience summary

The gods painted TT series touch projection design is more fashionable and dynamic. In the details of the design, it is even better. For example, the front side of the air inlet wind, heat dissipation is more efficient and will not make people feel uncomfortable. At the system level, PIQS UI3. 0 is still concise and clear, with 'Shenbi' remote control can be freely controlled, auto focus, automatic keystone correction is to let it have no concerns during use.

The electronic whiteboard is a heavy function of the god TT-P. This is not available in other micro-projection products. After the 'Shenbi' transfiguration, the brush can be freely annotated, and functions such as 'clear screen' and 'save' are very important. Practical, promising in the field of business presentation, Youku, CIBN dual content platform can also make it a home entertainment artifact.